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  1. BSN16


    cerner wasnt bad tbh
  2. working in an ICU i rarely suction our comfort care patients. Instead i will first give medications such as glyco or atropine to help with secretions.
  3. My boyfriend's aunt died from this. Ended up having to go on ecmo for it, clotted off and died. Took a very long time to diagnose, not sure exactly how it was diagnosed.
  4. BSN16

    RN's and LPN's working as Nursing Assistants?

    We usually call it resource or ancillary nurse. no pts-help out with the unit. But also can still give meds and do other things to help out
  5. My first job in the ICU said "1 year nursing experience REQUIRED". applied, got the job despite having just graduated.
  6. BSN16

    Where are all the nursing jobs?

    If you are looking to relocate anywhere for a job, i would recommend Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Cost of living great, nurses paid very fairly. Plus they will pay a moving truck to pack and move you. Lots of perks
  7. As a previous Neuro/trauma ICU RN and now a Transplant ICU nurse, i trust it 1000000%
  8. BSN16

    How did you get the big pay raise?

    i had to move from iowa to Minnesota because of pay. Same job title as an ICU nurse....$15 an hour pay raise
  9. BSN16

    What's your best catch?

    back when i worked Neuro ICU, ED nurse brought up a pt that had fell and hit her head...she had a very swollen eye and that was painful to open...pt is drowsy but responsive....ask ED RN to do a bedside neuro with me. she tells me she hasnt been looking at that one eye because it's very painful for the pt. I peel it open to check...it was blown and un reactive. off to the OR we go. i think one of the biggest "catches" i have ever had
  10. BSN16

    I don't want to go back to school

    I agree, some days are mentally and physically draining. I think that when the time comes where i can no longer continue as a bedside nurse, there are many other roles an RN can take on that doesn't require an advanced degree. Currently, i work in transplant at a large academic center that has lots of other jobs in education or research that many nurses can transition to, such as a "transplant coordinator or on-call nurse to answer questions"
  11. ...and i've just started to realize that it's okay to continue as a NURSE. At first, i struggled. After graduating, ALL of my friends seemed to go back to school for their MSN or ARNP; honestly, i felt like a failure. All my friends/co-workers are continuing their education...and here i am working as a nurse. It almost felt like becoming an advanced practice nurse was something i HAD to do. I started applying to NP schools and having MORE student loans on top of what i already have made me sick to my stomach. So...i've finally come to a realization that i WANT to be a NURSE. i love what i do (most days). I work in a state where RNs are paid fairly, so there is not financial incentive to continue my education. Anyone else feel an obligation to continue their education?
  12. BSN16

    being fired by patient's family member

    We had a long term patient on my unit like this. Family was out of control to say the least. Family was to involved and if you told them no, you would be fired. finally, after firing over 10 nurses our manager had to lay down the law and tell them they can't "fire" anyone else
  13. BSN16

    How to prepare 0.45 NaCl IVFluid?

    i work in transplant at a large teaching hospital. usually we use .45 AND .9 NS for our kidney transplants, but there is such a shortage here that we can only use .9
  14. BSN16

    Healthy Fit Nurse navigating potlucks.

    no, i have also seen pharmacists, doctors, CNAs all eat unhealthy things; it's not about status. I'm happy with my weight and my health and dont care about going out of my way to make sure i eat salads or fish for lunch at work. Thats great that you do, but dont look down on others who dont.
  15. BSN16

    Healthy Fit Nurse navigating potlucks.

    we sometimes have a potato bar potluck....baked potatoes....everyone brings a topping ==== heaven. to defend myself before i post: I am by no means overweight but i have ZERO time to make sure my lunch is healthy. My lunches generally consist of left overs, tv dinners, and yes...sometimes fast food. why?? because it's easy and fast. the last thing i want to spend time doing after being at work 13 hours is working on a healthy lunch for tomorrow.
  16. BSN16

    Mutt-ernity Ward

    LOL. hospital rooms generally were occupied by people who passed away there, bled on the floor or walls, had Cdiff or VRE.......and you would hate to know there was once a DOG in this room *head desk*