Is it difficult to obtain a job in LTC/SNF as a new grad?

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Hi all,

I have passed my boards and am now looking for my first RN job. I see that lately there a quite a few LTC/SNFs that require one year of experience! Very rarely do I see a LTC facility not specify experience requirements. That worries me because I want to work in geriatrics but now I feel that it is going to be just as hard as getting acute care experience. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting hired in a facility such as LTC/SNF? I really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Don1984, thanks for your reply and for the link. Around here it seems pretty rough for new grads to get a job in nursing homes, as most of them require at least 1 year of nursing experience. I'm also wondering if I should apply as a new grad anyways even though it says 1 year experience minimum.

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I would. Most of them have a high turn over and can't be too picky.


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Apply anyway. Go in, and give them your resume. My first job was in LTC, and I went in to get an application, the DON asked me if I wanted to interview while I was there. You never know!


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Where I am it is difficult. With LTC and SNF, it is better to go to the facility in person and try to speak with someone or fill out the applications there. There are still no guarantees. So many applicants means they can choose the cream of the crop.


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In my facility, most of our hires have been new grads. I was out of practice for over a year, walked in for an interview, and was sent for my pre-employment drug screen right after my interview. In each orientation class, I've seen at least 2-3 new nurses. I know especially for our ASN prepared RNs, getting hired in SNF is way easier than getting hired in a hospital. It's not because there are more nurses in SNF, but because there is a higher turn-over of staff. High turn-over isn't exactly encouraging, but it does open positions.

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