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  1. Barbara H.

    Why are the floor nurses so unwilling to teach?

    While I encountered the unwillingness to teach as a student many times, I find it even more disgusting as a new nurse to meet so many coworkers who show zero interest in helping me to become a proficient nurse....why is that in a profession which emphasizes compassion there are so many non compassionate people...Very sad!!
  2. Barbara H.

    Correctional travel nursing

    In case anybody is interested, I'm currently working a travel contract in a NC state prison. I have met nurses who only travel at correctional facilities and seem to make a good living.
  3. Barbara H.

    Correctional travel

    In case anybody is interested, I'm currently working a travel contract in a NC state prison. I have met nurses who only travel at correctional facilities and seem to make a good living.
  4. Barbara H.

    Inmate/Staff Relationships

    Beats me why some women want to loose everything getting involved with inmates. ...if you want to get involved with a looser why not find one on the streets...there are plenty around and it will at least not get you in trouble professionally...
  5. Sure, most of us would love to get our first experience on a med surg floor...LOL
  6. Barbara H.

    Nurse or CO?

    Yes, IM who have real medical issues get swept aside...And it bites the med companies who contract there in the butt. Nice breeding ground for lawsuits and we as nurses are right in the middle of it...the other side of correctional nursing.
  7. Barbara H.

    What is it like to be a nurse in a prison?

    Exactly...tired of the negative comments myself. All nurses should worry about is giving compassionate health care. If this is bothersome, just pick up your license and work elsewhere. Geez...
  8. Barbara H.

    Is it difficult to obtain a job in LTC/SNF as a new grad?

    I would. Most of them have a high turn over and can't be too picky.
  9. Barbara H.

    What places will hire a new nurse with no experience

    2 words...AZ sucks!! I had some luck in NM...but ended up taking a job at a state prison, mostly because it pays better than most here in AZ. LA is another state which seems to be more welcoming to new grads. Good luck!!
  10. Barbara H.

    Correction Nursing (LPN) Interview HELP TIME SENSITIVE!

    Take a look at the correctional nursing site under specialties. There are lots of posts regarding interviews. Don't sweat it, there seems to be quite a high turnover and you most likely will be hired. That's at least my personal experience. Good Luck!!
  11. Barbara H.

    Correctional travel nursing

    Asked this @ the travel section, no response so far. I would like some feedback from nurses who took correctional travel assignments. From what I've seen on indeed, most jobs seem to be offered in North Carolina, sometimes NM or WI. I would appreciate any insight, how did you like it etc. Thanks!!
  12. Barbara H.

    Any thoughts on Kindred Hospital?

    Kindred is lucky to have so many desperate new grads available...
  13. Barbara H.

    Correctional travel

    Anyone here works correctional travel assignments? Any insight appreciated.
  14. Barbara H.

    New RN grad can't find work

    Hope you find something soon...I have been a LTC LPN for a while before getting my RN. Just got hired on at a state prison...maybe something to consider...Good luck!!
  15. Barbara H.

    Frustrated with Graduating in May

    Sounds more like LTAC with vent patients...
  16. Barbara H.

    Financial benefit of being a Travel/Agency Nurse?

    From what I hear it's a thing of the past making the big bugs with traveling...and be aware, I increasingly see nurses' contracts cancelled in the middle of an assignment. Important to have a good financial cushion...if the unexpected happens 3000 miles away from home. Don't get me wrong, travel is great thing, just go in there with open eyes!!