Is this considered nepotism?


Scenario: Bob applies for a job at a unit where his brother's fiance, Sue, is a staff nurse. Large unit of about 100 staff nurses so it is not likely that they will ever work together anyway. Both Bob and Sue will be staff nurses, no supervisory or management role. When the Bob's brother and Sue marry, will this be considered nepotism now that the bob and sue are sister-in-law and brother-in-law working on the same unit? Do you think this would be cause for not hiring Bob?

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it may be favoritism, but not necessarily nepotism.

it's easier to define when the relationship is through blood lines.



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it's only nepotism if Sue is the one doing the hiring. if they both just work for the same employer but neither one is in an authority position, I don't think it's even possible for nepotism to take place. it's not like Sue or Bob could give each other raises or ignore discipline problems or things like that, since neither one is supervising the other.

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We have several husband/wife et brother/sister relatives working in our ER,.as long as there isn't a situation where one is a supervisor over the other I don't see it would be a problem.


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Well considering they did not know about the pending brotherinlaw sisterinlaw relationship when the hiring took place, there is no way it could have been favoritism. Basically, Sue is afraid that she and Bob will get in trouble for being in laws and one will have to quit or change units. Any problem with them both being staff nurses?

I guess the only potential problem would be if one wanted to apply for a manager job down the road maybe.


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we have two sets of sisters that work on our unit, and a husband/wife duo as well.


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So everyone thinks it should be fine and that an applicant would not be revoked an offer or made to change units based on their potential sister-in-law working there?


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The scenario described is not nepotism.


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Nope. I dont see a problem. Your facility should have a written policy on this though. Ours does and it states that as long as one is not supervising or managing the other.


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I dont see aproblem here really.

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Me either, I don't really see an issue......

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