Is in anyone in a nursing program that does not require chemistry as a pre-req

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Just wanted to know if anyone is in a nursing program that doesn't require chemistry. Or does anyone know a school that doesn't require it as a pre-req!

Thanks it would be of great help to me!


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The program I'm in has Chem worked into the program. Not necessarily a pre-req, but required all the same.


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I had to take Chem before I could apply to the program, as I hadn't had it in 12 years. The cut off was 10. So, many traditional students don't have to take it.

However, I live in WI.....don't think you'd want to trade FL for that! :)

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Can you please tell me the name of your school! I'd love to check their program. Don't matter the state!



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Mine required either a year of high school chem or the chem for health science majors.


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One of the community colleges in my area doesn't require chemistry as a pre-req. It is at if you want to check out the nursing program. That school is very difficult to get in though because it has a lottery system to be admitted to the program. This year they had 477 people apply and only 122 got in. I still have to take chemistry though because since it is so hard to get into PCC, I'm going to apply to a couple of different colleges and the other ones do require chemistry. I'm not looking forward to it!


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I know of 2 programs in Georgia. North Georgia College and State University and Floyd College.



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My school doesn't require it. I think most if not all ADN programs here don't require chemistry. Unless you want to take classes that will transfer to the universities, they do require intro chem as a pre-rep.


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Walters State Community College, TN

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Most of the ADN programs (community colleges) in Florida do not require chemistry at all.


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Are you sure that you want to do that? Everything I've seen of Nursing---you really need that background in Chemistry to apply and facilitate a lot of the coursework. And on the job if you are doing labs, etc.. Good luck.


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Originally posted by Jennerizer

Most of the ADN programs (community colleges) in Florida do not require chemistry at all.

You took the words right out of my mouth, Jennerizer! However, if it is your intention to go from an ADN to a BSN, chemistry is required, so I decided to take the Intro to Chemistry this summer and next Summer I'll take the General Chem required. This way, I'll have it when I apply. As I like science, it isn't a hardship.

Nursing 101, where do you hale from?


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