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Hello! I am currently attending Ameritech College in Draper, UT (semester 2.) Although I've heard mixed reviews about Ameritech (and all private schools for that matter), I found that it was the best option for me at the time. I will be greatly in dept afterwords and am just wondering if I will still be able to get a job easily once I graduate, and what the opinion of the school is in the Nursing community. If there are any other students or grads that could give me some feedback that would be great. Thanks!


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I'm just another fellow UT nursing student, so I am not sure what view future employers will have your school and education, but if Ameritech is working out to be a good choice for you, then I wouldn't worry. Make the most of your education, the most of your clinical experiences and if you can find a job working in a hospital setting as a PCA/PCT/CNA while going to school, you will not regret it.

Remember, when it comes time to apply and you get the chance to interview, it doesn't matter where you went to school as long as your are in good standing and have graduated/will graduate. If you have the ability to sell yourself and emphasize your strong points, I would imagine that would be a lot more important to an employer than where you went to school.


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I was accepted into the program nearly three years ago but wasn't able to go due to some family issues. Things are now cleared up so I've been looking at schools again. I'm getting close to 40 so I don't have the time or want to get put on a waiting list with SLCC.

Ameritech just got their NLNAC accredidation so they are no longer in a probationary status....that explains why I've gotten a few calls from them.

I'll hopefully be getting in there next week to take another look at their program and register if things are looking and feeling right.

I have read some negative reviews about some of their staff but I think you're going to get that at most schools. I'd like to hear from some Ameritech graduates but I'll post up what info I get next week.

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Thanks for all your input! I definitely feel better about the school now that they're fully accredited through the NLNAC. That's the highest standard of accreditation and some states actually require your school to become NLNAC accredited after a certain amount of time (Utah being one of them.) It just really irritates me when people say "Private schools are for people that couldn't get into real programs," "Your wasting your money," "Have fun finding a job when you graduate," etc. My first two years of college I went to Weber and had a 3.4 gpa, unfortunately all the classes I'd taken had nothing to do with nursing. Once I finally realized nursing was what I wanted to do, I didn't want to have to wait another two years doing pre reqs and trying to get into Weber's program. So I looked into private schools and Ameritech seemed like my best option. I had doubts at first, and trust me it's expensive! But nearing my 2nd semester I'm definitely finding out It's a quality school, and all that money is giving you the best books, equipment, and facilities available. So I guess I really shouldn't complain. By the way their NCLEX first time pass rates for 2010 were 92%, that's better then Weber's, and just barely under the U and BYU.


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I went to Ameritech. I was in the first class that graduated and I had NO problem finding a job!

Thank you for your advice! This thread is really helpful!

I just graduated from Ameritech and many of us are having a hard time getting a job. I think this has more to do with the nursing saturation in Utah more than when we graduated. With that said, I highly suggest a different school. Ameritech had a HUGE turnover of teachers recently. They lost a lot of the really good and caring teachers and they have been replaced by terrible teachers. On top of that the education is not that great. They run the school like a business and not a school so everything is about money. I saw so many people pushed through to the end so they could keep getting their tuition and then they were told they could not sit for the NCLEX because of the grades. I think the whole school is just shady and could care less about the students. When they tell you they have a high NCLEX pass rate keep that in mind. It is NOT because they prepare everyone it is because they don't allow they people they failed take it.


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I graduated from Ameritech 2 years ago. I found a job right off the bat and actually had to turn a job down. I have also been able to finish my BA and about to start my MSN./Ed. I also have several friends that have attended, one was in the second class and there is one attending now. Yes, there has been a lot of change but do we know the reason? Did the faculty quit or get fired? If they got fired my guess is there was a pretty big issue if it was mid-semester. As far as the people who haven’t been allowed to take the NCLEX, did they even graduate? If you didn’t pass your classes (including the exit) you don’t graduate. Seems like that’s how schools usually work. I’m happy with my education and have recommended it to many people. The financial cost has been well worth it, the tuition isn’t much different than other schools. The accelerated program is hard and it might not be right for everyone.


This message is for all of those people who are or have gone to Ameritech College. I work full time and I pretty much have to since I have a family to support. Did any of you work full time if at all during your schooling? What are any recommendations that you could give me about that? Thank you so much.


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i am considering enrolling in ameritechs online rn-bsn program. its only twelve months and the cost is only 15,000 which isnt that bad either. i jus need any information regarding thier online nurisng program. i live in ohio and am truly considering this program. i need something online and flexible so i been lookin around.


Like others said, Ameritech is now accredited. As long as that accreditation is there along with plenty of favorable feedback it doesn't matter where you get your degree as long as you are willing to put in the hard work.


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Ameritech is a good, accredited and expensive program. It is also accelerated. 18 months.

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