ADN completed & currently enrolled in BSN. Will I be able to find a job in Salt Lake?


Hi all! I am hoping to move from California to Utah following the graduation of my ADN and passing my NCLEX. I am co-enrolled in an online BSN program and will be approximately half way through with my bachelor's degree when applying for RN positions. Will I be hirable in salt lake area? In southern CA it can be tough to find a job as an ADN right now, is it the same case in salt lake? I've also heard that because I'm co-enrolled in a BSN I might be considered. Is this true in your opinion? I'm hoping to find a job in maternal-fetal health, but I am also happy to start on a med-surg floor. I've been a CNA on an oncology/gynecology floor of large hospital for 3 years, no warnings, 3.5 GPA, vice president of my current program if any of that might help? I'm nervous yet helpful, any advice is appriciated. Thank you in advance for your time!


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You won't be excluded with your ADN. They will likely have you sign a "will complete BSN within X amount of years". Which you're already going to have going.

Apply for Intermountain Healthcare's mom/baby new grad programs. They are the dominant hospital system in the state that will make maternal/fetal the highest probability for you. Also apply at U of U.