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Thank you for all your responses, I honestly thought this was the recovery section? Was I mistaken, Some of you guys are quite cruel. Everyones perfect I guess,, None the less. Talked to my Case Manager she since I dont have an active nursing license or cna Im not required to commit to the program. The schools dug policy includes one month suspension and drug testing randomly. The case manager was really nice. I was crying a grown man crying int the phone to her :( she told me that since i Do not have a license the BON was not notified only the department of health? We ended with a bye and told me if the school has any questions to contact her. She never evaluated me, Never signed any forms nothing? Whats going on?


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I honestly can't answer your question. It's often difficult to understand what someone is telling you when youre upset. I would start writing down questions so you can ask her next time you call and write down her responses. Better yet- if there is someone you trust to let know what is going on with you have them with you and keep it on speaker.

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Quite honestly it sounds like this is being taken as a violation of school policy... you do not have any agreement or license with the BON. This makes sense now that I think about it- my sister was suspended from school for smoking pot in her dorm for a month- it never went on her permanent record.

It sounds like you will be ok- The case manager is there to protect the public from impaired providers... you are not licensed.

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awe thanks traumarus, i thought i was loosinfg it, in that I did not see inappropriate post, :)

thanks for cleaning it up, OP neededed some advice, support and ans....... glad i missed the bad posts


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Im confused. Who is your case manager. IPN? Thats great if they are able to resolve this issue. Because like I said there is a couple of nursing students in your similar situation and they have contracts with ipn. Nursing students are included with IPN.

I truly don't think they should be and hope everything works out for you.

The hospital didn't report you?



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Here is a information from IPN manual

IPN participation is limited to:

a. Any nurse and/or CNA currently licensed in the State of Florida or has a pending completed

application for licensure in the State of Florida

b. Any licensed nurse and/or CNA with a temporary work permit residing in the State of Florida

c. Any graduate of a nursing and/or a CNA program, who is eligible for licensure

d. Any nurse requesting licensure and relocation to Florida who is currently in good standing in

an alternative to discipline or peer assistance program in another state

e. Any student nurse in Florida who is willing to voluntarily participate

f. Nurses, CNA's or student nurses who are evaluated to be appropriate for IPN participation


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No names.... But anyway I'm feeling a lot less stressed...so far no ipn no monitoring. Apparently since I'm not forced to do it, it's just recommended. My school is not requiring it so I'm just going to take a deep breath and try to move past this.