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Ok guys I need help!

I was at colorado and smoked pot a month later i interviewed for a job which i tested positive for THC. I got a call this morning from my school that i had failed the drug test and gave me a one month suspension also the employer I tested at reffered me to NPI. Im a nursing student that went for a Rn extern/intern position. Now I'm waiting for NPI to call me. Whats happening? All the info im reading says that its for RNS and LPNs im just a student and dont have a license.Am i no longer allowed to sit for my boards, am i in rehab? Whats happening? Help plz

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the ans is sorta yes....

being able to sit NCLEX may be affected or delayed, pending eval. and monitoring.....

i advise seeking legal counsel from an attorney who specializes in boards of nursing actions

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sorryvi do not know why my above post has all the

things in it, i must of done something strange

i advise legal from attoney specializing in nursing boards

your ability to set for NCLEX etc may be delayed , pending evals and or monitoring


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You are going to have to wait and see, likely that you will be able to continue on, but its going to be a little more work and hoop jumping. Sorry you got caught...


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I am sorry all of this is happening to you. But I know from experience that nursing students are included for florida IPN. I know of a nursing student who was about to graduate and she got a dui. She was suspended from her school until all the legal issues were dealt with. She was referred to IPN and they made her get an evaluation from a psychitrist. She had to got to out patient rehab for 1 month even though she wasn't an alcoholic.

She had just celebrated with classmates after a test and she backed out of a parking spot and hit a car. The dui was decreased to wet and reckless. She was allowed to graduate the following semester. She had to sign a 2 year contract with IPN.

The bottom line in Florida and most states is that if you are a nursing student and or a nurse you can be reffered to ipn for any drug/alcohol/dui/depression/psyhiatric illness. Also positive drug test are reportable too. Even if it is in your past.

When you get your evaluation and if you admit to any past history of drug use and or mental illness they can give you a contract. There are a lot of nurses and nursing students in ipn that are there do to positive drug screens

You can still be a nurse, but you will have to jump through some hoops for the next couple of years.



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Are you sure you smoked just once? Usually if you smoke once and haven't smoked before within 2 weeks your test would have came out clean. If you can I would have them re-test it, or sent out to a lab for further testing. This happened to me and I hadn't smoked for two months (I was a huge pot head) my test came back positive for THC. They automatically send the test out for us and it came back then NEG for THC. I'm not sure what happened, but it worked in my favor. Best of luck and whatever they suggest you do, do it and come back with an open mind. :)


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Like others have said before...it's a mess but you'll just have to go through it. It is always a good idea to speak with a lawyer for advice. We are here for you- this is going to be stressful but doable.


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Sorry nothing much you can do, besides spend $$ hand seek legal help


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unfortunately, it is more than a "blip"

This blip will, in many BON's remain on this persons license till they retire or quit, etc.

Then you have to tell potential empoyeers all about it forever--I do, and the fact that I have prior disciplinary action doesn't show up on my current states license, it does show up on the Nursys site that almost all employers use to verify license status.


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What are the usual outcomes?


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Usual outcomes range depending on your state; you might get out of it completely; you might have to do random drug screens for a set amount of time; you might have to do random drug screens, have practice restrictions, and have monitored practice.

I honestly don't know about NPI, the sanctions I listed seem to be common from a board of nursing. This might be a good time to get a consult from an attorney to figure out how best to handle this to minimize any punishment.


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OP 1stime said it perfectly- you most certainly will have some restrictions placed on you- some of this could be mitigated with an attorney. I personally consulted an attorney at the beginning of this process but havnt used one throughout. I will have a standard contact- five years, drug screens, work place restrictions ect.

I assure despite what your thread has turned into, typically there is a lot of support here. I am sorry this has happened- I am sure you are terrified right how and it is unfortunate that others are choosing to behave in the manner they are (not you 1sttime).

I would suggest that if anyone would like to start a spirited debate about nursing substance abuse issues to do so on your own thread. The OP is looking for help here.