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  1. I am interested in a change from 7 years in pediatric er nursing to becoming a nurse esthetician. I am looking for information on the easiest transition...what I need to do, what classes to take and where to take them. Do I need to obtain my masters(ARNP) or can I do this with my RN and other classes? How do I go about marketing myself and possible owning my own medspa? I am desperate for a change and really would love doing this sorta work. Anyone with any information I would appreciate it. Lastly, salary Does this pay well..I can't afford a pay cut.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck. Welcome to Allnurses. I don't see too many discussion about this year. I hope someone comes along and can help.
  4. by   helix122333
    I am a nurse esthetician....
    While you would be enormously more markable with a master's degree, it is not absolutely necessary. But Note! The Doc's have been pushing very very hard for regulation to stop RN's from performing Botox etc. even with doctors 'supervision'. I know in CA they can (with a MD's supervision). However, in Florida they are not allowed with or with out a MD's supervision! So getting your Masters my soon be the only way to go. I am contipaliting this myself.

    I got my Esthetician License b/c I thought it would make me more markable (doing the occasional facial etc.) and this has worked out very well for me. The payment is greatly varied, some Doc's will pay you well, giving you part of the profit of the business you do (and what you bring in), where others (too many others) want to pay you at a very low wage of a plain esthetician non-nurse.

    So I guess I am telling you that some of the BIG money promises are bull-crap. Not to say that if you get a MD to sign on as a medical director, and you run the show (giving him a piece of the pie) that there is money to be made here, b/c there is....Just not as easy as the people selling classes want you to believe. Additionally, if you open your own place there is a lot of overhead. Personally, I would make more money going back to critical care, but I love what I am doing and it far less stressful.
  5. by   BotoxLoverRN
    i think i am in the same situation as you. i have been in the plastic surgery field for 10 years. about 5 years ago, i acquired my asthetician license. as of last week, i am proud to say i acquired my rn license. i am currently working in the plastic surgery field in florida, however, i can't seem to find any information as to what rn/aesthetician's are making in my area so i don't have a leg to stand on in the negotiation process. could you advise me what you found out?

    greatly appreciated
  6. by   helix122333
    Hi BotoxLoverRN-
    It has been a while since my last post. Since then I too have obtained my RN (laddered up from a LPN).
    So I am working at two different places. One pays $32/hr no commissions or tips; the other pays 32/hr with 5% commission on everything I do; no tips..lasers/botox/fillers/facials ect...

    Hope this helps ;-)

    P.S I am from Seattle WA
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    Sorry I can't offer any information but good luck to you and
    to allnurses
  8. by   RNIT
    I have a quick question...
    Can I do botox working under the supervision of a dentist? I live in NYC and have a friend of a friend who is a dentist with extra office space.
    I want to find a medical director before i put down the cash to take the botox class.
  9. by   helix122333
    You would need to call/visit website, your nursing board. In the state of WA the answer would be yes. However, keep in mind that the Dermatologist and others that work in the comedic industry don't like DO's or dentist doing (or supervising) this type of work and are moving to make laws. Will these laws pass, I don't know...just something to think about :-)

    Hope this helps.
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    :wlcmggrp: to allnurses!
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    Hi! I'm a newly license esthetician who would like to become an RN. I also have a Business Degree so there are about 6 pre reqs that I will have to take before getting into the nursing program. Since I already have a BA, financial aid is out of the question. Are there any grants or other types of financial assistance that will keep me from having to take out another student loan? even if I can lessen the amount I have to take out would be great! ANY tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :-)
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    Welcome to the site Jules. You may want to post your questions in another forum for more responses.
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    No clue how to navigate through this site. lol Seems like all posts under this topic are all old. Where are the recent posts? Guess I'll look around on this site and hopefully I will run into it. Thanks for the suggestion!