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By all means welcome!,We need male nurses in our profession-men take a lot less crap from mgmt and administration.We need you to fill out the ranks when we do collective bargaining,picket,protest..whatever.I worked with some great male nurses,full of compassion who are ex firemen,ex navy medic, .they do really well in the ICUs,ER,........Keep your hands to yourself,dont date anyone you work with, and you will be fine.


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I'm very curious how this will play out for me, I'm not yet in nursing school, working on finishing up the pre-reqs and getting prepared for the entrance exam. I'm a transgender male and was in nursing school about 10 years ago, but this was way before my transition. I'm almost always read as male both in my appearance and by my voice (finally), but I tend to have more feminine associated interests and what would most likely be perceived as a more feminine sounding male voice, especially in times of using my polite customer service voice and often forget that after 30 years living as a female that others don't know that about me. Being trans isn't something I go around advertising to everyone I meet, though I have no issues with anyone finding out, but it definitely can lead to some weird moments of "you can/can't do that because you're male," but in my head I'm thinking yes, but if you knew I was born female you would have a different response.

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Luckily, my school is about 10% men. The good news/bad news is that since I stand out by being a man, every single professor I have ever had knows my name. I walk by professors I had a class with a year ago and they still wave and say, "Hi, Josh, how are you?"

If you do poorly in school, they will all remember you. If you do really well, on the other hand, they will all remember you. Put your best foot forward, do good work and you will have a great career ahead of you with a LOT of people who remember you well and are willing to recommend you.


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About to finish my program and it was a very lonely experience. I'm male and an older student (late 30s), so I wasn't able to make any close friends in my cohort. The young male students made their own clique and they weren't really welcoming to me. I just shrugged it off.

I did have some great male preceptors, so I'm sure things will be better on the actual floor.


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Odds are good my friend.


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Please please don't go, we NEED more men in nursing! WE love you guys!


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On 4/9/2018 at 6:33 PM, NICU Guy said:

, avoid anywhere that is excited about the fact that you're a male... because you will be the one doing the heavy lifting.

I get excited about being around males because it adds a dynamic to the unit that otherwise wouldn't be there. Sometimes too many women can cause too many___________ (feel free to fill in)

NICU Guy is right save your back, just honestly state that "I have to save my back" and help out when/if you can, all up to you..


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Brother I can tell you right now you are not the only one that feels this way, trust me. I am currently a senior nursing student in my accelerated nursing program here in Ontario Canada and I can tell you right now, I feel the exact same way. Maybe not as intimidated as you but certainly lonely. Most of the things that I am interested in most nurses are not interested in. So I'm just letting you know that that is what I have been going through and that you are not alone in feeling this way. 

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