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  1. CNA vs EMT for pre-nursing student

    Thanks! I've still been leaning more towards the EMT side. I just accepted a job as a behavioral health technician at a behavioral hospital that is a part of a large hospital network in my area, so I'm hoping that will give me a little more insight o...
  2. New to working overnights

    At this point I have already accepted the position, I know enough about the position to believe it will work for me, just trying to mentally prepare for what else might need to change. From what I asked the interviewer/my new supervisor, there doesn'...
  3. New to working overnights

    That's awesome! I'm glad you are enjoying it!
  4. New to working overnights

    Thanks, I feel like regardless of whether I'm a night owl or not, I think this is good practice because I know that often new nurses are offered night shifts, so I will likely end up working nights at some point, I think it's good to get a feel for i...
  5. New to working overnights

    Thanks, that is what I figured, but wanted to see if there was any typical pattern for what weekends would be, I will reach out to the recruiter for clarification. Yeah, I asked the woman interviewing me, who will be my supervisor, if people typicall...
  6. New to working overnights

    So, I'm not a nurse yet, but I feel like this question applies to any level of nursing/healthcare, but please move if needed. I have just accepted a position as a behavior technician at a behavioral health hospital in my area. My shift will be 3 12's...
  7. Rio Salado Bio 156

    Because I was just doing Bio 156 as a review before taking 201, I think I would still take it online. Future science classes that are more challenging like A&P I'll be taking in person. My teacher's name is Vanja Velickovksa, I don't know if it w...
  8. Rio Salado Bio 156

    Haha, the super fast response was partly due to my using this to procrastinate actually doing my Bio work...oops! I'm so close to being done with this class though. I feel like it's manageable to do online, but I am going to take future science class...
  9. Rio Salado Bio 156

    I'm just about done with the class, I have my last exam to take this week. I don't think the material was necessarily that hard, but I did find having to do the labs and fully understand the point of some of them doing them on my own. My grade took a...
  10. Is It Too Demeaning to be a CNA?

    Which is better, being an EMT and getting healthcare experience or sitting in an office, staring at computer, being taunted by talking to students who are out there doing what I'm itching to do?
  11. Is It Too Demeaning to be a CNA?

    I know I mentioned having my masters degree, so I don't know if this was directed towards my comments which I realize is steering this thread away from the OP. I'm already barely getting by with my master's degree because I'm not working in my field....
  12. Is It Too Demeaning to be a CNA?

    I don’t know if it’s your intent, but you are coming off as rather rude. I’m asking so if I would greatly benefit from being a CNA as opposed to an EMT I can know that before entering into a program for either of those.
  13. Is It Too Demeaning to be a CNA?

    I recently took a BLS class and the trainer is an EMT who told me that after getting her EMT she worked as an emergency room tech in the ED at the local children's hospital. I have also seen many postings for positions at my local hospitals that PCT'...
  14. Am I on the right track?

    Thanks, I think I started writing something more about my previous experience and got sidetracked. I definitely understand now that I need to be open to learning about all populations, regardless of my end goal. I guess I just wanted to clarify that ...
  15. Is It Too Demeaning to be a CNA?

    @e_monpepper I'm in a very similar boat, I have a bachelors and a masters in unrelated fields (social work and applied behavioral analysis respectively) and am now in the process of going back to nursing school. For me, I'm going with an ADN program ...