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  1. Tegridy

    Frustrating Nurse Family Members

    Only once I had a med secretary say that her dads pleursy was from a UTI. I laughed at her which prob wasn’t the best idea but I was quitting a week later to start med school so I didn’t care. She said she was unsatisfied with the diagnosis since it shouldn’t hurt that bad or something silly of that nature. Guess she wanted him to have lung cancer or something? Otherwise I’ve never had a problem with medical people. Even doctors as patients have seemed nice usually the Google moms are worse
  2. Most our stuff in med school was ppt. Third and fourth year mix of qbank and books. I think the biggest book I read thru was some of ferris reading up on patients. I couldn’t imagine having good retention reading straight thru cecils lol
  3. Tegridy


    California lol
  4. Tegridy

    EKG interpretation help

    Pvc every other beat so looks like bigeminy. Hopefully they aren’t asking you for much more than that just off those two leads Pretty much need the entire ekg to determine anything. Never understood why nursing instructors wanted us to pick out everything off of one waveform. It’s silly and cardiologists would laugh at that expectation
  5. Tegridy

    Any ex Premeds?

    He also seems to be leaving out that most Rn programs have a very high attrition rate. It’s not like you get in and automatically pass. I think mine had a 45% pass rate. Not due to difficulty but due to lack of entry barrier. My class in med school likely will have a 85% pass rate with a 96-100% placement rate. There are risks with everything. the job market for physicians is also 1000000% times better than for nursing dispite what the BLS says
  6. Tegridy

    How to study smart and productively ?

    Read any of the memory improvement books on amazon. Can’t go wrong with most of them.
  7. Tegridy

    Any ex Premeds?

    Even at the worst places most people match. The drop out rate of many nursing schools is higher than that of medical schools also
  8. Tegridy

    Any ex Premeds?

    Yeah I’m not sure why this person is MD or bust. Unless he is gunning for some super picky surgical sub specialty DO is fine. Like you I interviewed at all MD residencies (IM w fellowships) and as long as someone does good in school they should have no worries. Yeah DO schools get some weaker students and have less research stuff but it’s not that bad. We have a 100% placement rate every year with a few ortho/optho/ high tier IM/ big name EM, etc matches. if this person isn’t happy with DO I do not se them being satisfied with being an RN worst case scenerio is outpatient FM which is actually a pretty good gig outside major coastal cities
  9. Tegridy

    Does dating get easier as a male nurse in his 30s?

    Lol one np I used to work with ended up marrying a patient. She was sorta trampy tho Lol lame. Don’t be that guy.
  10. I would not go anywhere that did not stone cold give you a preceptor. Essentially you are paying for something they are not giving you
  11. Tegridy

    Is it an ethical violation to quit a job before you start?

    After reading a few of this persons posts I feel much of this is failure to be personably responsible. This along with from what I believe I read was lack of health insurance coverage for extended periods, high credit debt, school debt, and a lack of savings in middle age. Now stuck in a contract he or she wishes to void after singing. Not here to judge but you just need to make better financial decisions. No company will likely empathize with this nor should they. External circumstance is probably some to blame but much of this feels like personal choice issues
  12. Tegridy

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    I think we understand the immune system just fine. Have you ever taken doctoral level immunology? No? I’d you have you would understand vaccines are safe and usually effective. Also we need a source for your outrageous claims. Thanks
  13. random guys are usually the best source of info
  14. Tegridy

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    I don’t agree with ICUs that contain antivaxxers as an ingredient
  15. Tegridy

    What to do about DNP and flu shot?

    Anything we get research wise is tissue from those already deceased. We aren’t killing for tissue in any type of research. Not humans anyway

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