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  1. Tegridy

    Rationing Care in COVID: Whose life is worth saving?

    Better be careful with all that hard truth your wielding there. Might get some angry faces. Sadly in America patients mostly won’t lift a finger to take care of themselves but want all the treatments available no matter the cost. Before someone counters with a “that’s not always true” I agree but most of the time it is.
  2. Tegridy

    Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    I have no idea what tim NP said or if he even knows what he said but the sad part is this person has prescribing privileges. Good ole NP school standards must be at an all time low. its bad enough that we have joe blows off the street as covid denies but when someone who can diagnose and prescribe has it wow. Must have never been in a covid unit yet I guess.
  3. Tegridy

    New nurse practitioner here Please help

    She said she was not ready for independent endocrinology practice so yes she did say that. If you can’t practice without consistently consulting a physician you are not self managing
  4. Tegridy

    Alphabet Soup of a Title

    Most normal people put just their highest degree. any more and honestly I would not want to associate myself with that person out of nauseation
  5. Tegridy

    Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    Not exponentially since using not live vaccines / mRNA vaccine makes it impossible to get the actual disease from it. The spike protein itself is not a pathogen just a clump of protein your body doesn’t want in its house
  6. Tegridy

    Yes, Employer Can Require Covid Vaccine

    I’m not saying to not have skepticism but it will never cease to amaze me how people will gladly take whatever antibiotic or random medicine given to them but get all up in a fit about vaccines. Vaccines are probably safer than that cipro the urgent care just gave you for that UTI, or macrobid, or bactrim, or pick pretty much any other medicine. What is it about vaccines that gives people some unearned fear of them?
  7. Tegridy

    Rationing Care in COVID: Whose life is worth saving?

    All I can say at least we know to expect a subpar response from the general public in regard to following CDC guidelines in the future. Covid has been a real eye opener to how dumb the general public is and sadly stacks of bodies don’t seem to phase the non masks wearers. and then family members complain that we can’t save them. It’s a sad situation but meh what can you do when the general populace has an IQ similar to a hampster
  8. Tegridy

    urgent care documentation

    Do you feel like you could become more efficient over time? Some EMRs aren’t good but it may be an intrinsic issue which would probably not be resolved at an urgent care where you see 2-3x the pt as you are.
  9. Tegridy

    Who has transitioned from inpatient to specialty?

    Id just ask him the most common 10-20 topics that will pop up in clinic frequently and read up on them from a more brief urology text/ uptodate. specialty work will be less familiar to you but pleasantly less broad and probably much less info over all to juggle around in your head. Having inpatient experience will with workflow overall help but it’s just different information so it will be new to you for a while. elevated PSAs, bladder dysfunction (neurogenic bladder etc) and hematura would probably be my first three topics to read on. Then chronic prostatitis and chronic male pelvic pain. And BPH. and bladder and prostate ca. And I guess kidney stones and stuff then just a lot of follow ups from turps and cytoscopies I don’t know the specifics on that part though.
  10. Tegridy

    NP Hates from Physicians?

    The other option would be more of a team oriented approach. I know on most inpatient specialty services the NPs write the notes and do the obvious things the primary team should have/maybe forget since they have every other organ system to worry about. Or just looked in their clinic record that only they have access to. Then the attending rounds quickly on everyone with the NP and does what he or she sees fit and changes things if needed.
  11. Tegridy

    NP Hates from Physicians?

    With the above statement it gives us the premise that many different business types are ran by those at the top who may not do much of the work. It's not only medicine. The part time docs sound like owners, and well, if a LPN owns the company then yeah they can make a lot and see no patients!. Even in other fields often the mediocre employees make similar to the great ones. Unfortunately humans are human and likeness is more akin to more bucks than skill oftentimes. I am sure I am preaching to the choir on this though since you have been there and done the business things.
  12. Tegridy

    NP Hates from Physicians?

    I think a lot of the hate is towards MLP who think they can completely replace physicians. Not many people argue that some of the work physicians can do can be replaced by NP or pas, but all ? no, not in any single specialty can all. The organizations supporting NPs seem to portray this very aggressively so even those NPs who are good, know their limits, and do what is right get painted with a red brush. I do not doubt that something like the above would happen at some point to some extent but job boards/markets just do not have that picture. Where I live there is a tremendous physician shortage yet a severe glut of PA and NPs. The hospital systems and large clinic systems could hire a zillion NP/PA quickly if they wanted to, but many go without jobs. Yet there are thousands of physician openings that go unfilled, that almost always are not filled by NP/PA. There will always be a mix of physicians and MLPs but I don't really see a ratio of 1:4 or 1:5 like anesthesia happening since there is always something happening in seeing patients, anesthesia is just mostly monitoring and has a much narrower scope, something that allows more supervising to occur. We can all care for the worried well, which is a lot of our business (not by our choice people are just anxious in general). We will see, its an interesting topic. And a lot of patient's when paying the same amount for care no matter who they see will often pick a physician. Not always but if it were not the case primary care clinics would be not offering 300k plus to start in my area for a 4.5 workweek.
  13. Tegridy

    NP Hates from Physicians?

    seems like battlefield 4 is >5 from everyone I have talked to. A lot of what you are saying seems to be psych specific.. Sort of like anesthesia, one of the two fields where you probably just don't need a physician most of the time (minus heads and hearts)
  14. Tegridy

    Sleep Medicine NP?

    I’ve seen one NP work in sleep running the sleep clinic but I think you need a physician to read the sleep studies and supervise since there isn’t rly a sleep NP focus as far as I know. It’s an interesting field though
  15. Tegridy

    DNP: Mirroring the Path of DO?

    It should be Mandatory though not optional
  16. Tegridy


    do you even know why you ordered those tests?