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  1. The MD Bias Hits Home

    yes night shift is my goal if I don't match GI, which since its GI nothing guaranteed. pays so much more and honestly prefer it to days. and its what I did as an NP. except nocturnist physician jobs pay like 4x as much in my area as night NPs. No soc...
  2. Cologuard Vs FIT - What is your preference and Why?

    https://gi.org/patients/gi-health-and-disease/colon-cancer-fact-sheet/ but in general whatever they are most likely to actual do since nobody likes the poop game
  3. The MD Bias Hits Home

    MDs are harder to replace since NPs are a dime a dozen now. Doesn’t really matter who is right, just who is harder to replace. I do not know who is right since there are no details. Likely whoever made the decision got tired of hanging liability on h...
  4. Okay for the nitpicky people here “traditional” central lines…. Since obviously that was insinuated. ?
  5. Great review, unfortunately in the real world is a topic heavily surrounded by dogma and any other way besides whoever is in charge is wrong even though the data seems to be….. everywhere. But at least we tend to be moving away from centr...
  6. I don't get mad, usually im just like okay your choice you know what the data says". If they push the issue or talk about their freedumb, I might say something like "Fortunately here in American your free to believe any nonsense you want" some don't ...
  7. The "easiest way" to pass the AANC test?

    Do questions, read the explanations, take practice exams, when you pass them with some room then retake. Not much more to it than that. Which course you take probably doesn't matter, have to have a good memory habits.
  8. Got The Worst Score On Quiz In My Class

    I don't think the oP cares if others have to take closed book tests or if people did "well" on them. He/she is just anxious and for all we know it may have been garbage questions.
  9. Got The Worst Score On Quiz In My Class

    So what it was one test. A pass is a pass. Won't make any difference in the future so not much point in worrying about it.
  10. Dislike Everyone In My Cohort

    Fortunately taking exams usually isn’t a team effort. They just gotta study pass and move on.
  11. Dislike Everyone In My Cohort

    I think they were talking just about didactics in nursing school which isn't a team sport but unfortunately everything else is after that point... but yeah they may be part of the issue if they dislike everyone.
  12. Dislike Everyone In My Cohort

    don't study in groups? Id take what nursing instructors say as a grain of salt
  13. I HATE nursing school. Now what?

    There were probably good facilities also such as the one previously mentioned, which is what we are alluding to, not the shutter island type you described, obviously we aren't condoning that..... It also probably costs more to have many of these pati...
  14. I HATE nursing school. Now what?

    for sure, that’s the type of place I was sort of insinuating toward. Beats being homeless for sure and its one thing I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more in taxes to support, compared to most of the stuff we waste money on.
  15. I HATE nursing school. Now what?

    Who hasn't forgotten to prep and hang an antibiotic. So easy to miss. I've done it before. Believe I forgot to mix the rocephin or something like that.