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Josh Runkle has 4 years experience as a RN, EMT-P and specializes in Emergency, Disaster Medicine, Search and Rescue.

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  1. ENP advice

    I'm in the same boat you are. Were you able to learn anything?
  2. Maternity Class

    I liked clinical way more than lecture. Lecture was like, "...And here are where your ovaries are..." And I'd be sitting there like, "...But, I don't have any ovaries."
  3. Intimidated by being only male

    Luckily, my school is about 10% men. The good news/bad news is that since I stand out by being a man, every single professor I have ever had knows my name. I walk by professors I had a class with a year ago and they still wave and say, "Hi, Josh, how...
  4. Good providers learn from their mistakes. This obviously means that to be good you're going to have to make mistakes. Accept that and grow from it.
  5. Maybe Clinicals instructor doesn't like men

    I am in my last semester of RN. So far I have probably worked with 20-30 classroom professors/instructors and about 8-10 clinical instructors. I have really enjoyed almost every instructor, but I have had 2 clinical instructors along the way that tri...
  6. OSU grad entry 2019

    Yes, it does. There are upsides and downsides to doing this 5 year program at OSU. Upside: OSU is a top-tier nursing school, and you can continue to get health insurance during the two year break if you don’t already have it. Downside: Cost for time...
  7. OSU grad entry 2019

    I am in the OSU GE class that started 2018 and will graduate 2021. These are not “official numbers” but are just my experience and best guess. 90 were admitted to traditional masters and 90 were admitted to grad entry. At my grad entry orientation,...
  8. OSU Grad Entry 2018

    I have no idea how competitive PMHNP was/is. Obviously, the people that apply for your class might be different than those that applied to mine. My very subjective experience is that applicants from all of the total specialties tended to have a lot o...
  9. OSU Grad Entry 2018

    From what I have heard from other classes, the interview questions have been slightly different every year. I don't remember my exact questions, but they were things like: -Why do you want to be a [insert specialty here]? -Tell us about your goals in...
  10. OSU Grad Entry 2018

    I have classes: M 1:30p-5:30p T 8:30a-4:30p Th 7:30a-11:30a Then one online class due every Sunday night by midnight. I study about 10 hours/week for the online class. I study about 15-30 hours/week in addition to these hours to complete homework and...
  11. OSU Grad Entry 2018

    I took physiology at OSU Marion before taking Anatomy. I don't remember the perreqs, but I didn't need to do Anatomy first.
  12. OSU Grad Entry 2018

    This thread is regarding the graduate entry option which is a combined RN/NP program. If you already have a BSN, you would apply to the traditional masters program, which is different. Good luck!
  13. EKG workbook

    "Flip and See ECG" by Elizabeth Cohn
  14. Would you pray with a student?

    Why not just encourage her to be herself and allow her to pray if she wishes, and you could silently sit and agree with her and be there for her with encouragement of her needs/desires, but not specifically by "leading" her? On the outside, you woul...
  15. OSU Grad Entry 2018

    My status changed from "pending" to "decision" somewhere between Friday night at midnight and Saturday morning at 4am (I got up to feed my daughter and saw the change). I accepted Saturday morning around 4am. I got an acceptance email on Monday. If y...