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  1. i miss the good old uk television, where there are beginnings, endings and middles to programmes.
    i miss all the soaps and reality tv programmes.
    could some of you please take the time to fill us in on whats going on in the world of tv over there.
    at the moment my viewing consists of american idol. which has just got to the last 11, i think that you get it on itv2 a few days after we get it. and we watch silent witness on bbc america.
    american idol has got 3 fabulous female singers, you have to try and catch it.
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  3. by   Fonenurse
    OK Cariad - lets see if I can help - which soaps and series do you want an update on?

    Casualty - more far fetched guts and gore from Holby City Hospital - Charlie is still there, but most of the other original characters have moved on see for more details

    Eastenders is still dark and without humour a lot of the time

    and Coro is waiting for the mad Tracey Barlow to get her comeuppance after murdering boyfriend and builder Charlie Stubbs

    Emmerdale is awaiting the announcement of who killed Tom King and the Dingles still live in the shabbiest house in Yorkshire...

    The biggest scandal is Terry Wogan announced the wrong winner for the UK Eurovision entry - yes, it's that time of year again!
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  4. by   cariad
    thanks fone nurse, didnt know that tracy barlow had killed her boyfriend, its really a blackout here as far as uk soaps are concerned we just dont hear anything. i used to follow them on the msn homepage but now theres so many different names i diont know who they all are.
    how about gail on corrie? whats she up to these days?
  5. by   Belinda-wales
    You and me both Cariad I really miss UK TV I just cannot get in to the american stuff so I jt do not bother watching TV any more t busy sat by the pool in the sun.
  6. by   Fonenurse
    Quote from belinda-wales
    i do not bother watching tv any more too busy sat by the pool in the sun.
    not fair belinda - it's minus one here and snowy - how i wish i was somewhere warm by a pool!
    Quote from cariad
    how about gail on corrie? whats she up to these days?

    boring as anything cariad - she's mooching round like an old hag, twittering like one of the witches round the cauldron - she's not had a good story line in a while...
  7. by   RGN1
    I'm sure it won't be long before you can pay to watch whatever you want from the UK over the internet! Personally I hate soaps!

    There have been some very good BBC costume dramas recently & you can get them shipped, on DVD, from the BBC shop or Amazon -all you need is an all regions DVD player (around $52 from I recommend Jane Eyre for starters! I can't bear to watch most TV when in the USA - I'd reather record it then watch it later so I can zip through the ads - they're such a nightmare! Although UK commercial TV is getting that way too!
  8. by   ayla2004
    or you can download some via a bittorrent site tends to be good for dr who etc and life on mars don't think its any good for soaps
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    on another website I visit they talk a lot about UKNOVA not sure what it is like but apparently OK for programmes
  10. by   rsmit02
    Hi all,

    Just wanted to post this link Im new to usa and also miss the soaps left UK this christmas with all the big christmas story lines going on and dont know how they ended!!!

    BUT Then found this web site they have chanel 1 2 3 and 4 streamed right to your PC!!! Ok it costs like $45 a month but it works great and it has both live TV and an 8 Hour delay so we can watch their evening TV at our evening time!!

    I have it and there is no problems with it at all love it!!!

  11. by   cariad
    usually i dont watch much tv, but have been sick since jan 5th so have watched loads since then. only problem with all the sites reccomended is that we have had no income since then either so sites that you have to pay for are out, and when i am back at work wont be so interested anymore.
    but its still good to hear whats going on over there.
  12. by   Belinda-wales
    Well I thought I would sign up for a month to see if I watch any of it- OG reacons I wont- anyway last night I watched Johnathon Ross I was laughingso much it hurt- I love living here and now I love it even more.
  13. by   madwife2002
    I am addicted to CSI-Las Vegas so I watch that every night. Just recently I watched the competition for the next Coyote Ugly. I dont really watch that much TV and didnt watch any back home, my life was too busy there. I would however catch up on soaps on a sunday if I wasnt working and I loved Frost.
  14. by   apriljan
    I bought a region free dvd player and have my dad record dvds for me of my favourite programs, like Trial and Retribution, which I love, Judge John Deed. Waking the Dead etc. But I do like CSI and Law and Order, and another good one Medium. I used to watch all that back home. And if anyone's watched My Name is Earl that's quite funny. Don't miss the soaps so much but I do miss the good dramas.