Some help on phone calls to and from the US please!

  1. Bought a cell phone pay as you go for the time being, no landline yet. Problem is I've just found out it's costing me 33c/min to receive calls! $10 gone in 30secs. Any advice please would be gratefully received!
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  3. by   augigi
    If it's 33c/min, should take 30 mins to spend $10?
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    have you thought about buying international phone cards? I used them a few times and didn't do too bad. I am planning on putting a few on my virgin when we eventually move over so family can call or text us on that the only downside is also have to pay for them ringing us. We also bought a pay as you go a few years ago and kept the credit on it so got lots of $$ again for when we arrive in the US
  5. by   Mimi2RN
    Do you mean calling from the UK to the US or the other way around? It's much cheaper for me to call the UK from here as I have AT&T phone service, and a contract which costs me $3 a month. With that I get very cheap calls to the UK, like $5 for a call which would be $40 otherwise.

    I can't get up to check my phone bill for exact cost as my cat is sitting on my lap, holding me down.
  6. by   Mimi2RN
    I moved the cat.

    It's $3.95 a month for the plan. One call was 33 minutes, cost $2.64. Another call was 25 mins, cost $2.00.

    It works for me.
  7. by   RGN1
    What about Skype? You can use it for landline calls too even once you have been set up, it's cheaper than cell & (I think) normal landline access. you'd have to check out their website but as you seem to have computer access that might be the way to go??
  8. by   kalayaan
    i use skype for international calls. you can do internet to phone calls there. its free if you want to make calls to the us and uk. it will save you a ton of money
  9. by   cariad
    until you get your phone service, buy an international calling card and use either from other peoples phones....doesnt cost them anything or from a public phone. we found one that gives 500 minutes for the uk for just under $25. make sure thats its for the uk.
    the drawback with cell phones as you have found out is that over here they charge us foor the airtime, so we pay whether we make a call or recieve a call.
  10. by   Geena
    Skype. Free download. Buy minutes online. Get yourself a headset from the nearest Target/ Best Buy/ WalMart and and ring home! If the receiving party is skyping too, it's free. If you call a landline it's 0.017 cents euro/min. I'm addicted to mine!
  11. by   apriljan
    Sorry I meant 30 mins!!
  12. by   apriljan
    Hi Can you give me some advice as to how to set this up? How much does it cost you in total a month for other services with AT & T? Was it easy to get it installed?
  13. by   ukrn2ca
    I just use the web cam with built in microphone to talk to our relatives that already live in the US. We just send an email the day before to say what time we will be on line. It dosent have to be a web cam just a microphone attachment will do. Of course you both have to have internet access.:typing
  14. by   Silverdragon102
    the best thing I like about skye if conecting between 2 computers it is free, not sure if their rates or more competitive is phoning to a landline