Ok...NCLEX..done. Now?

  1. Hi. I got my NCLEX letter just now.. telling me I passed. Yes, and i am relishing this moment *silly grin*. Long before i took the NCLEX, i had already started processing my docs. for the visa screen cert. All of my other licensing requirements are complete now except for my SSN submission. I am aware that this won't be obtainable until i have an employer in the states and actually go there to get it. I have two questions:

    How soon will i receive my VSC?

    I already have a tourist visa, so essentially my next step is to look for a job, right?

    Also, just want to thank this community for the helpful tips. It has been said MANY MANY times on this board to use the Saunders book and cd. I couldn't agree more. I was severely tempted to use a review center initially but God made it impossible for me to get into one! Saunders, Saunders and Saunders. That's what you need. I passed at 76 questions. Just stay focused when you study. Quality time over quantity. I studied in the hospital while caring for my mom. It actually helped put things into perspective!
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    :hatparty: Yipeee!! Congrats
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    Congratulations new nurse!
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    Congrats!! One of my best friend is coming from your country. She is going to take her NCLEX next month with me. Her situation is a little different from yours but she also cannot work in United States. However, she just got an offer from a local dialysis center which agree to process her legal documents for her (the center is going to pay the legal costs). Only thing left for my friend is to pass the NCLEX. Good luck for the job hunting. Also, could you please tell me that the meds questions on NCLEX contains both trade name and genetic name?
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    You got it! Congrats!!!!!
    Now all you need is a job in a place that is willing to "sponsor" you and who will send in the paper work!
    good luck,
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    Congratulations on passing the NCLEX exam.

    The tourist visa will do you no good right now as there is a retrogression in place, and all processing in the US is on hold for nurses, other than the I-140 and with that alone, the nurse cannot work.

    Best bet for you is the Consular Processing..............in the US not one thing can be done.
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    Congrats !! :hatparty: :smiley_aa
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    congratulations.. more successess to come!!!!!!!
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    Thanks.. to you all.

    To Pucca, i only had two medication questions and they were of the computation type (fill in the box). Lots of delegation and prioritization..seriously. When i hit around number 35, the questions were of the same kind.. just a mix of infection control, pt. cohort, triage, etc. I think i sound like a broken record ..because all the threads on "advice for passing the nclex" pretty much say the same thing. Just don't fret. I have faith in you! The meds you encounter in Saunders is sufficient (for the NCLEX). A good way to absorb the names of your meds is to take them into context. Try imagining a situation where the medication can be used. Memorizing, as in cramming it all into your head, like in list form with no meaning will be pointless. God bless
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    Thank you for the advice.
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    hi purple cotton.congratulations!:hatparty:
    any more tips for nclex? i'll be taking my nclex this april '07 in hk and i'm getting anxious every day. i'm nervous that i may not be able to finish studying/my review materials. i've decided to resign from my current work to focus on studying.i have 2 months and 2 weeks to review.argh!help!

    1.which saunders book did you use and does it come with the cd--compre and/or q&a?i saw these books in it's 3rd edition,is it the latest ed? thanks!

    2.how long have you studied for the nclex?2,3,4 months?

    congratulations again!
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