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NICU_babyRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. NICU_babyRN

    Is it made of acid? Fire? Cactus stickers?

    They always fight it...and then one morning they don't. And that, is just not a good sign!
  2. NICU_babyRN


    We sure do. although, let's face it. we protect only the bag. Not the tubing. So does it really make a difference?
  3. NICU_babyRN

    Calling all current cns students

    I am one CNS student within a group of 15 NP students. They all look at me with a snarl on their face! Annoying!!!! I am almost done, working on my capstone and I can't wait to be done done done. But am afraid of the Cert exam!!
  4. NICU_babyRN

    IV starts - anyone get better?

    I have found that most people blow veins when their tourniquets are on WAY too tight. Loosen it up. For the "fresh" babies, I don't use a tourniquet often at all! And, don't rely on a transilluminator as you are learning. Try going without it until you have the hang of it without it! Take your time, take a breath and tell yourself, "I am going to start this IV" rather than I'm going to TRY this IV. You'd be amazed at how your own mind plays tricks! :)
  5. NICU_babyRN

    DPN v. CNS or CNL

    The CNL is not considered an Advanced Practice Nursing role. So if you want your APN/APRN, you'll have to go the route of CNS. There are DNP and MSN CNS options and DNP and MSN NNP options. However, the MSN is quickly going away since in 2015 the new Advanced Practice entry will require one to be Doctorate prepared. Those who have APN license in 2015 will be grandfathered in (only in the states where they already hold APN licenses). Keep all this in mind. CNL is a "glorified BSN". Doesn't get you far and will not get you to teach much more than entry level clinicals for very small schools. I know two CNLs who truly regret their option for CNS and have paid a bit of money yet have remained in the same exact position. And they are both excellent nurses!
  6. NICU_babyRN

    Suctioning of ETT on < 27 weekers?

    There is a difference in suctioning HFOV and HFJV!!! You must put the Jet on standby but not the Oscillator. We never instill saline in the lung. We use it only to clear the ballard catheter, being careful to not to let it pass to the ET tube. We suction as little as possible when babies are micros. But we have no specific rules on
  7. NICU_babyRN

    Discouraged Nurse Graduate

    From a NICU nurse in Chicago: I work in a facility where we had over 150 applicants for ONE position. The hospital now hires BSN prepared only. It's a TOUGH market to crack into. If hire new and experience, however you must have that BSN behind your name. This will be true for any magnet hospital. It will NOT do you any harm to get ANY experience you can get. The NICU skills will come to you later, but if you can come in with time management, IV skills, very proficient in tube priming....it will only make your NICU orientation THAT much better and you will feel really good about yourself. I say IV skills even though adults/peds IVs and then baby IVs are vastly different, but even getting a feel for how to hold the angiocath will help! Stay positive, take your time, get any experience you can get and then try again! :)
  8. NICU_babyRN

    Anyone find CRNA School EASIER than made out to be?

    You'll have to remember that you will not even be considered for a CRNA program before a couple of years of SOLID ICU nursing experience!
  9. NICU_babyRN

    Male Nursing Student Interested in NICU Nursing

    DO IT!!!!! We LOVE our 4 male RNs on our floor and the RTs too! Come join a team of extraordinary people!!!!
  10. NICU_babyRN

    Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Rush University Medical Center-website is terrible but the program is available. Contact them for extra information. University of Illinois Chicago has a Perinatal CNS however the curriculum is NOT eligible for AACN certification. I believe a couple of universities in North Carolina has one as well.
  11. NICU_babyRN

    NRP certification online?

    here it is from an NRP Instructor. The only option to become officially certified is to attend a certification course that is held by an AAP certified instructor, using the AAP course materials and AAP guidelines. The course has just been revamped this past year and requires the student to self-study prior to the class time. Within 30 day prior to the class, the student also has to take the pre class exam that covers the material and the student/provider must pass the exam. The class itself is as short as one hour now. It includes talking about skills, team work and then includes scenarios and debriefing. When you get a NICU job, they will provide you with an NRP course. If you already work in a hospital, enquire with the department of women's and children's to see if they can help you attend a certification course next time it's offered. Good luck!
  12. NICU_babyRN

    How to get into the NICU?

    I also agree! You may have to broaden your search A LOT, write a very strong cover letter, talk about how the hospital matches what you look for as an employer, taking into account the mission and values of that hospital. You should be open to explore "all opportunities" in an institution so you can at least get your feet within reach of a NICU. Internal applicants get dibs many times. The NICU where I work has a total of 13 OPEN FTEs in the NICU yet we are on a hiring freeze. The nurses are all enjoying the overtime and they are not talking about hiring ONE person. And that person is likely going to be one of our 4 nursing assistants who just graduated from nursing school and have been working on our unit for a couple of years. It's a tough tough market. You'll have t sell yourself and I don't mean in the "it's all i've ever dreamed of doing" sense. If it's what you aspire to do, be patient, write an excellent cover letter, follow up with HR and at least try to get into a hospital where there is a NICU! Even if it means moving.
  13. NICU_babyRN

    Good and accredited Neonatal Nurse Practitioner programs online

    Check out Rush University in Chicago, although you'll have to find some days to come to the US for most programs. And the university would have to find you a way for clinical hours!
  14. NICU_babyRN

    OMG! What was I thinking?

    Remember to be objective. If you don't have objective data, your answers is likely an objective answer. Not another subjective! The answer is never "never" or "always". you can do it.
  15. NICU_babyRN

    How sad is the NICU? Is there a personality type best suited to it?

    If you don't have tough skin, you may have a hard time in the NICU. Some NICUs, specially those that are Level III with surgical cases and ECMO are sometimes very sad. So you may be better off in a level II nursery where infants are a little bigger and healthier. Getting attached is often hard in the NICU and sometimes it's devastating. Once you get to apply for jobs, you can think about doing a shadow day!
  16. NICU_babyRN


    I also 100% disagree with you. And if I were your manager, you would NEVER be asked to precept staff. Quizing, when done the right way, is an excellent addition to the learning process.