Is there any online MAN/MSN program in the philippines?

  1. Hi, i am a nurse lecturer working somewhere in asia. I would like to finish my masteral program but then, im having a hard time to enroll here. The Tuition fee for foriegner is high. Your suggestion is very much appreciated.

    thank you and God bless to all
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  3. by   nurseharbee
    Hi Blessed23...Yes there are schools here in the Philippines who offers online program for MAN..These are the schools that i know who offers online program, University of the Philippines-Open University, Lorma College in La union, Philippine Womens University...
  4. by   blessed23
    Thank you so much nurseharbee.... take care and God bless you
  5. by   melUK2000
    Hi blessed 23, I hope you will find Lorma Colleges as an answer. I did mine there but in a classroom, however Lorma is now offering online MAN. I enjoyed my school days there and still recommend Lorma to everyone wanting to further their studies. As you have said you are working overseas, then the online program is suitable for you. It is a good school with excellent reputation. You can visit their website at or you can google search Lorma colleges La Union and click schools, then go to graduate school. you will find loads of information. Good Luck.
  6. by   annjo
    for cebu, try southwestern university.. they have online courses for MAN..
  7. by   12hours
    I may be wrong but I always had the impression that online MAN programs in the RP conduct their tests in a satellite location and hold practicums within the country. Can overseas based Pinoys enroll in these programs?
  8. by   K-Ann
    I took some MAN courses in PWU-OU. I still need to go to school to take the exams, but i guess you can discuss this with your prof. They will send you your materials.
  9. by   blessed23
    thanks ilovegabe! God bless you always..
  10. by   nurseharbee
    I was thinking before of enrolling at PWU-OU but then the Dean told me that if a graduate school student does not have 1 year experience, they are not qualified for online program. (sighs) But anyway thank God i was admitted at Southwestern University Cebu
  11. by   ilovetiggerdear
    nurseharbee: can I also enroll at Southwestern University even if I cannot go to Cebu to take exams?
  12. by   nurseharbee
    Quote from ilovetiggerdear
    nurseharbee: can I also enroll at Southwestern University even if I cannot go to Cebu to take exams?
    @ ilovetigerdear

    yes you can, just call their office telephone and number ( look for the graduate school secretary.

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  13. by   shubichilipepper

    What about in UP- Open University. Do they have stiff requirements?
  14. by   blessed23
    Thanks nurseharbee.... what experience they are requiring? hospital or can it be working as a nurse lecturer and clinical instructor? are you from cebu? how was your experience then in SWC school?

    hope you could share it us.....

    thanks again and God bless you!