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  1. nurseharbee

    which grad school should i choose? MAN or MSN?

    You might want to consider St Paul University Philippines, classes are held in SPU QC Campus
  2. nurseharbee

    Masters of SCIENCE in nursing in Manila

    You may want to consider St Paul University Phillippines, the pioneer in Master of Science in Nursing
  3. nurseharbee

    Philippine nursing informatics trainings and updates

    Hi im from the Philippine Nursing Informatics Association, you might want to join our official facebook account for updates about seminars and trainings in Nursing informatics... Please search in FB, Philippine Nursing Informatics Association
  4. nurseharbee

    Accredited Dialysis Training Centers in the Philippines

    Requirements for RENAP Certification Exam 1. Proof of Clinical Experience for unemployed (at least 6 mos in any setting, volunteer or paid) / Certificate of Employment for those who are working as Staff Nurse/Dialysis Nursing Staff 2. Certificate of HD Training (not less than 30 days) 3. Valid RENAP Membership Card 4. Valid PRC ID 5. Valid PNA Membership Card 6. Valid ANSAP IVT Card Incomplete requirements will not be admitted to certification exam. Venue for exam is at the DAPA Hall of the Philippine Heart Center, done every last sunday of the month.
  5. nurseharbee

    National kidney transplant institute

    Same rules apply for NKTI :) 1. Good rating and evaluation in BST is important 2. Backer is VERY IMPORTANT :)
  6. @all graduates of Lung Center's Basic Skills Training: Do you have a training module during the didactic phase?
  7. nurseharbee

    Military Nursing in the Philippines

    JUST A SLIGHT COMMENT "The easiest way would be to enlist to PAFPRO first for 1 year. PAFPROP or (Philippine Air Force Procurement Program) will be a 1 year training molding you to become an enlisted soldier first then after which you can take the exam for Military Corps Nursing." PAFROPP (philippine air force regular officers procurement program) is program which recruits people who has the potential to be a Regular Officer of PAF. In PAFROPP, you will not become an ENLISTED SOLDIER because this is a REGULAR OFFICER procurement. You might be referring to CS or the Candidate Soldier, where after your Basic Military Training you will be enlisted. Enlisted Soldier and Regular Officer is a 2 different thing. As far as i know, lateral entry or from any branch of service/unit to other units are no longer practice. 10 years ago an Enlisted Personnel or a Regular Officer can apply for Military Nurse Corps easily because there is a NEED for Military Nurses. However the case now is different, there are numerous military nurses already and long wait for those who are still waiting to CAD. "Oh and by the way, when you're Military Nurse you can also apply for Flying Nurse. It'll be a 1 year training to become a pilot/nurse in the PAF all expenses paid by the government and within that 1 year training you'll have additional benefits such as combat pay, flying pay and increased basic salary. " In PAF, the Military Nurses will automatically be a Flight Nurse once they get to reach the number of years or if there is an available flight nursing course. Flight Nursing is not about being a pilot. Flight nursing is just as like, doing and continuing the care of combatant patients on air. As a flight nurse you are tasked to assist the Flight Surgeon in Air Evacuation of patients from one station hospital to mother hospital of military. Training for flight nursing is 3-6 mos ( there was a training last february 2011 which ended last month) The trained Flight Nurses are now completing the required number of flying hours at PAFGH
  8. When it comes to accreditation, below are some info's about St Paul University Philippines. Local Accreditation: SPUP is granted with FULL Autonomous Status by CHED SPUP is a Level III Accredited for School of Health Sciences (Undergraduate and Graduate programs) SPUP is awarded by CHED as CENTER OF EXCELLENCE in NURSING EDUCATION School of Health Sciences (Undergraduate and Graduate programs) is International Accreditation St. Paul University Philippines earned its niche among the global centers of learning: the first Catholic university in Asia and the first private university in the Philippines to be ISO 9001 Hope this helps
  9. 2nd Trimester will be October. Weekends (saturday) Classes only
  10. Correct! In addition, the CPE as a requirement is not yet implemented because its not yet stipulated in the Nursing Law that CPE will be requirement to renew our license, the law only says that "The nurse is required to maintain competence by continual learning through continuing professional education to be provided by the accredited professional organization or any recognized professional nursing organization" In short we are encouraged or obliged to update our-self thru continuing professional education for us to remain competent, but it doesnt say that its a requirement for renewal. Hope this helps Harby O. Abellanosa,RN,CRN RENAP National Events Coordinator Freelance Social Media Manager
  11. nurseharbee

    Master of science in nursing

    Hi Tobby! I think they dont offer MSN, they only offer MAN with various majors to choose from
  12. nurseharbee

    Master of science in nursing

    You might be interested for MSN program of St Paul University Philippines. I have created a separate thread regarding SPUP-Graduate School. 1st Trimester classes will start July 2. You still have time to enrol with them
  13. St. Paul University Philippines Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500 Level III Accredited Academic Intsitution ISO Certified academic institution GRADUATE SCHOOL OFFERINGS First Semester, SY 2011-2012 Metro Manila Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS) (61 units) Master of Science in Nursing (MSN); Non-thesis Program : MSN Major in Adult Health (42 Units) MSN Major in Women's Health (42 Units) MSN Major in Primary Health Care (42 Units) Master of Science in Nursing (MSN); Thesis program: MSN Major in Nursing Administration (42 Units) New Program: Master of Arts in Nursing Major in Health Care Management (60 Units) Requirements: 1. Interview Clearance (C/o Dr. Wireen Leila T. Dator) 2. Placement Result from Guidance Office (C/o Dr. Wireen Leila T. Dator) 3. Original Transcript of Record (TOR) from the latest school attended (Photocopy for those graduates of St. Paul University Philippines) 4. One (1) long white ordinary folder with fastener 5. Recent "2x2" pictures with white background Schedule of Fees for 9 units: DNS : 947/unit Total fees with Miscellaneous: P13,210.00 MSN: 782/Unit Total fees with Miscellaneous: P 11,495.00 Schedule of Classes for both DNS and MSN Programs: Flexible at 3 classroom sessions and 2 on-line sessions per 3-unit subject. One subject to be finished before start of another subject. Saturdays, variable as needed Start of Classes: July 2, 2011 Venue of classes: St. Paul University Quezon City Processing of Enrollment will be done in Manila For more information please visit this link
  14. nurseharbee

    National kidney transplant institute

    Are you taking the Dialysis Management Course? hmm you might be the group next to ours :) i am renting a room good for 2 pax just walking distance to NKI :)
  15. nurseharbee

    chong hua hospital

    Cebu City
  16. nurseharbee

    chong hua hospital

    True, i got the chance to talk to the Chief Nurse of CHH, she told me that they are hiring nurses and that the screening will start this July. For those who are interested submit your resume ASAP. They prefer to hire nurses with trainings in intensive care/critical care or dialysis nursing :)