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  1. crazyen, you have to email them 3 mos before your application expires and request for extension.
  2. K-Ann

    New York license SSN from Cali

    NY will also not issue a license if you don't have a valid visa. We have the same case, I applied first to CA BON and applied later to NY.
  3. I applied for CVS last 2006, the last correspondence I got form CGFNS is " NOTICE OF COMPLETED APPLICATION - Credential Verification Service for New York State (CVS) " dated Sept. 6, 2006. I sent my application to NY and waited for an answer but nothing came. I found out I sent the wrong application, i sent the application for reciprocity instead of the application for licensure. Do I still need to apply for CVS again? Do I need to ask them to send another papers to NY BON? It has been years and I dont know where to start again. For how long CVS remains valid? Thanks