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hi to all! i just want to ask how many months did you spend for your review for nclex? thanxs!... Read More

  1. by   yalpog
    Thanks I'll be waiting for her to PM back.
  2. by   sweet_nurse
    saunders 3rd edition is a good book to start if you are going to take your NCLEX..i read it and find it very helpfull..i studied for 4 days and passed it 1st time.
  3. by   bebe13
    as a foreign graduate, i did self-review for 3 months. answered more than 5000 practice questions. followed suzanne's study guide, from first tip down to the last. it all paid off. by god's grace, i passed the nclex just last month, on first take, with 75 questions.

    god bless!
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  4. by   RNHawaii34
    i'm a foreign graduate too. graduated back in oct. 2005, but since i was waiting for my eligibility, and working 40 hours a week here in hawaii, it was difficult for me to find a decent time to study. it took me six months of self studying, using kaplan, and did paid off because i passed the exam on the first take. computer shut at question 80, took it in 2 hours 15 mins...i almost vomit after..i thought i failed but hey, even if i am working as an rn, i still go back to my text and study...there are still many questions waiting to be answered.
  5. by   Aquarian
    I followed Suzanne's plan months ago, focusing on meds. But, everything started sinking in two months before my exam when I feel that I'm in the panic mode . I went over and over important chapters of Saunders bk.
  6. by   rellco40
    I studied for 2 months and passed!
  7. by   john83
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    Thanks I'll keep trying contacting suzanne4. ma'am Suzanne4
    You're welcome!

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  8. by   yalpog
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    You're welcome!

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  9. by   john83
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  10. by   kalomira

    i think its always good to browse even if your not taking the nclex because as you know medicine and nursing is always updated so it pays to read and furthermore couple of weeks and hours of reading will help you achieve your goals and get your license... so , one week, one month or couple of months of studying is always a win, win situation for you... ciao..
  11. by   blabber
    Quote from milkshake_rn
    hi to all!

    i just want to ask how many months did you spend for your review for nclex?

    Hi! I guess, it all depends on how you focus on your review. Time varies for different people. With me, believe it or not, I had to start 8 months before my actual exam. 4 months while waiting for my ATT and 4 months after I scheduled my exam. Maybe if you're not working full time, you'll be able to do it in about 2 months. But better be prepared than sorry. Good luck to you and hope for the best!
  12. by   milkshake_rn
    thank you for those who replied. i'm on my second month now reviewing (not full time) just finished reading saunders. :>