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  1. RNHawaii34

    A blatant discrimination to all filipino nurses

    Maybe, maybe Kenya have a lot of well trained nurses and maybe they did well, and they passed all the requirements to work in that country..the only reason why there is a boom of Phil nurses going to NZ is because they can't make it to US or UK, thus, NZ is the next best thing, if you feel like its a discrimination? don't take it personally. just dont go there. period.
  2. RNHawaii34

    No job in nursing in the Philippines, what to do?

    here is my advise: You can go back to your call center job. or find yourself a way to get a job even if it is only from a small clinic to get an experience, and work you're way up. I understand that things in the Philippines is slower than a ricefield snail. You need to priorities your goals. You need to have a job that actually pays you. nevermind what they about "why don't go apply for abroad", because there are millions of you guys are thinking of the same thing. If you want to work in Saudi Arabia, go for it. I don't want to disappoint you but US is not really a good place to work right now, many nurses are getting laid off. economy sucks. I want to leave my Nursing Home job but I dont want to end up losing my job just like those acute care nurses did. I have a mortgage to pay, and a $150.00 mortgage lot ( for future vacation house) in the Philippines. cant lose that, right? anyway, good luck to you. hang in there, make the best of what you got. I envy you too, I am here busting my butt working everyday just to pay the bills. Pls. all of you new grads, be patient. you were in a better place than we do here. okay?
  3. RNHawaii34

    the american dream: do not lose hope

    I have been working on this dream for years. I have had to put this dream on hold throughout the years to work and take care of family responsibilities unlike some of you guys who went to school without much care in the world. so you felt like we didn't care much about anything while we were in nursing schools in the Philippines? I disagree in this one. a typical high school student in the Philippines graduate at the age of 16, goes to college by 17, if everything goes well, they graduate with their BSN by 20, in US standard yes they are very young. normally in the United States, if mom and dad have college funds set up for you, then you go to college right after high school, right? for some, didn't even to go to nursing school until realizing that life is too hard when you don't have an education, theyre 23, 25? a little older for Philippine standard to go college of nursing, I beleive they dont have a age qouta now for admission which is normall below 25. Now, what am I getting into? I think in the Philippines, a new grad would love to go to work right away, but due to nagging circumstances, a lot of them didnt have that chance to work in a hospital, better yet a chance going abroad is like asking for impossible. In the United States nowaday, as a fellow American ( wink wink), yes, we are having an economic meltdown, yes it hard when people are losing their jobs, and it sucks to see your neighbor moved out because their home was on foreclosure. yes, I know the feeling. but I am telling you, being a Philippine born and educated Nurse, I pretty much don't feel the burn of this economic turmoil, because you know why? we Filipino nurses are so used to hardships, we know how it felt like to be poor. thats why our dear parents would bend their backs to work hard and paid our nsg tuition so we can get a better job, get a better life, and get that sense of accomplishment just like anybody else. I know not only Filipinos, but other people from Mexico, latin American countries, Asian countries, would love to move to US for a better chance of living( dont forget the Canadian Nurses coming here to work). I dont to criticize Americans who have never been to other countries but I feel that you guys are much much better off even if this country is in a dump. sorry to say why don't do try to go a third world country like Philippines then you can appreciate your luxury here in the US. everything is not peachy alright, I know that, but you have to understand these people from Philippines didnt have any clue about life in the US, but at the same token, You as a US born person have to imagine what they have to go through everyday. don't forget that America is an immigrant country. Many many people from europe and Asia did came to this country for a better life, and the'yre the ones who made country a place where, when you work hard, you want. I myself is a firm beleiver of that.
  4. let us not forget, when mr. you know who from texas started his term, i am sure all of saw a lot of redflags stat. he took more vacation days than a regular john doe, and nobody said anything. gas price went up to the roof and nobody questioned it, i think. now that mr. obama wiil start his term next year, i hope every body, including the nay sayers will give him a break. he won't be in that position if he cannot do the job. and not to be out of topic, lets not forget that this country is an made of different people from different background, and we all know why illegals, legals, aliens, martians whathave yous wants a piece of america. they want to live free and make a better life. don't forget, for those who lives here in american soil, legal illegal etc. you live in one of the most powerful country in the world, each one of us contributes to the balance. it is now time for us to join mr. obama to move along to repair the damage done to our country and its people. it the time for us to show the world what it meant to be an american. or at least being part of this great country.
  5. with all that million-billion-gazillion dollars you mentioned above suzanne, it is really hard for me to swallow...we must not forget that all of those amount came from our hard earned tax money. every single dollar of it could have been used for a better purpose, than blowing some mountains in iraq or afghanistan. heck i could use a 1 million $$ and blow it all in las vegas, or at least feed the homeless peeps in my neighborhood. well, this old regime definitely leaves a big scar on our pocket. but, we have a new president now something to be excited about, i am sure he will face so many hurdles left by the you know who. but, i wish, all of us can move along, help each other with whatever, hopefully more nurses will eventually get a job and not lose their house, and provide for their kids. after all, we live in a free country, work hard, party hard ;-) we're all in this together
  6. you know what? i am so 100% agree with what you said. it is really weird hearing things like " i can't find a job", "nobody is hiring". i think right now with our economy in a slump, some hospitals don't hire new staff. for some, they just won't hire new grads because they don't have any work experience..seriously, this happens everyday here in the united states. even here in hawaii, there were a couple of place where they had been laying off nurses...i don't think those nurses from abroad have a chance to get here ans settle ( at least for now). i know many of our fellow nurses wants to earn more $$ but i guess right now, we just have to stick with what we got and hang on.
  7. ummm, i am just being positive. i know he has a lot of mess to clean up, thanks for that you know who president from texas. this country needs a lot of postive thinking, you see, if you work really hard, and never stop trying, eventually you will succeed in life. if you start being sour about everything that you see around you, you won't go anywhere , if you think you have answers to everybody's problem in this country? you should run for president next time. have a great day;-).
  8. RNHawaii34


    I suggest that you should gather more nursing experience there and maybe delay your plans to study for your Master's degree...once you move to Canada, I am pretty sure that you will learn great amount of information which will help you decide if you really want to pursue that masters degree.
  9. the new president will have a lot of things on his plate. i beleive that retrogression topic will not be on his agenda for now. would be nice if he will take care of our economy issues, and the problem in iraq...i can see him be busy cleaning the mess that the last commander in chief had done...
  10. RNHawaii34

    Nurses being harassed by patients and or their folks

    have you ever been harrassed by the patient or family member? if so, I suggest you should approach your supervisor as soon as possible, but honestly I never heard of a law protecting nurses from being harrassed or beaten up.
  11. RNHawaii34

    nursing uniforms...plz respond

    :chuckle !! you know, that comment i find really hilarious! i never thought of it before, but can you actually imagine how much time you spend on worrying about your white uniform? like, oh my goodness, i better make sure i don't dirty my uniform or i will get dinged by my clinical instructor. you know what? i felt terrible during rainy season specially when are en route to your clinical duty and you have to take the jeepny, or tricyle......ahhhhhhh!!! glad i am so done with that chapter!:wink2:
  12. RNHawaii34

    Nurses are Mac Gyvers.....

    Gosh, where I work, we have to order supplies, if we don't have it we have to order it from the supplier. other than that, we have rules, and orders to follow, even if just a warm compress. trust me, they are very strict here. You don't want to lose your license just because you want to do short cut, or improvise.
  13. RNHawaii34

    nursing uniforms...plz respond

    i definitely say i am a big fan of old white dress with apron uniform. it does look nice and pretty, looks professional, and it does tell others you are a nursing student, not a staff ( yet). but i hate the fact that i have to wear a starchy stiff nursing cap, which to me is so unnecessary if you have a clinical in hot, humid, dusty facility. and i don't like the fact that you go home, at the end of the day, your white uniform gets so dirty and it looked like you have the map of the entire philippine archipelago in it :-). in my school ( circa 2004-2005), during lecture hours we use white pants and white buttoned tops. which is fine to me, again, i don't like what it looks like at the end of the day. and oh, the cloth material is so thick that it makes no difference when you wear a white uniform with apron on, its just too humid!! i guess as a nursing student doesn't give me much choice, eh? but the bottomline? i knew that i was a student nurse, and it should be that way. now that i am a staff nurse, i have the freedom to wear whatever scrubs i want. i love dickies pants, or whatever pant brands as long as they are on sale ( i shop online for uniforms). i favor those with at least 3 pockets, then a deep pocket for bandage scissors, pen, gums?, and cellphone). i like only either blue or black scrub pants, because i come home and throw em in the washer, and not to worry about stains. scrub tops? i like it in any color and designs, now i wear extra long sleeve shirt under my scrub tops, because it gets really cold most of the time in my unit. and oh, i love nursing shoes too, but i guess that will be on the different topic, right? ahhhhh, i love scrubs!!
  14. RNHawaii34

    how do you answer job interviews?

    my suggestion for your next interview(s): 1. relax. 2. listen to the questions very carefully. 3.tell the interviewer short but honest answers. 4. you may tell them your current goal, why do you want to work for their company, facility etc. 5. be positive. 6. there is no need to tell about other people's stuff. 7. remember, being assertive and being confident always go hand in hand. 8. i suggest to write things down, then practice talking in front of the mirror. 9 be honest, but not too honest, that it might confuse your interviewer: 10. i suggest to write this down: " the reason why i came for this interview is because:________________________". read it then start from there :-)
  15. RNHawaii34

    PN for immigrant help

    take your bsn in the philippines. if you graduate before your visa arrives that is perfect. do not however, take lpn class in the philippines, because it will not be as good as when you have bsn, because you can still take the lpn exam if you are a bsn degree holder. or, if your visa arrives sooner, then you can go ahead and take the lpn class when you here in the usa. otherwise, pls. don't take the lpn class.
  16. there maybe an oversupply of nurses in the philippines, however, probably less than half of that are even qualified. i know that we have been talking about it here over and over again, but nobody there seems to understand the truth. the absense of proper u.s. visa is not the only problem, but do these new grads actually think they can handle the job? get an experience, even if you have to start from the very bottom like getting an experience at a barrio centers....work your way up, and then, go for the big hospitals. paying for training is not a good option either, it is not credited as a work experience. now, i hope that the parents of the future high school grads will be more educated by now, that none of the previous nsg grads are leaving the country for abroad. stop hoping that these kids will be their future "cash cows".....those days are over. nowadays you have to have a strong stomach and lots of positive thinking, if you can't get a nsg related jobs, get any job, as long as you keep your mind occupied. if you don't, you will end up moping around and get depressed. you just can't blame the system because it won't help you.