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  1. RNHawaii34

    Any advice?

    working without salary is like slavery. if i were you, i will immidiately look for another job who will actually pay me, than to work there without pay. have you consider asking.or inquire to that hospital if they have opening? yes, you make enjoy working there as a trainee, but for how long? i think you didn't go to 4 years of school and work for free. you are right, volunteer and training is not considered as work experience.goodluck to you.
  2. RNHawaii34

    need some support please!!

    failing the local board exam doesn't mean the end of the world for you. there are other people in the philippines who have worse problem, i.e., worrying about where to get their next meal...you are not the only one who is unemployed, not having a local rn license.....think about it, how many new grads do you know who found a job right after passing nle? so, don't too depressed about it. find a non nursing job that will keep you preoccupied, if you have to work and earn small pay, so be it, or get a job in call centers, if you want to earn money, or try your best to get a job. try harder, thats the problem with new grads nowadays, just because they got their bsn diploma, they felt like they are entitled to get a job in the us, or in any part of the world right away....nope, it doesnt work that way, you will need to start from the very bottom of the ladder, just like anybody else. just be strong. just try to study for your nle again, it's not a bad idea to try and try. the only shame you will have is not to work harder to get your goal.
  3. RNHawaii34

    Grad School in the US

    you may want to check out colleges/universities website in the state of ca. i try to inquire about grad schools, and so far, i didn't have any hard time applying just because i am a foreign grad nurse.good luck to you.
  4. RNHawaii34

    2nd courser RN dilema

    ahhh, good old excuse, "must be 32 years old or younger....", don't you hate that? well, unfortunately, that's how it is in the philippines. that is considered as "age discrimination". i don't get it either, that idea is sooo backward. there is not age discrimination here in the us for nurses, we're like fine wine, it taste better with age:lol2:!!!! anyways, dont feel bad if you don't have enough work experience. if your gonna work in us, your experience in pi does not even count. but you may need it when you try to apply in other countries. just keep on applying. regarding skills. just keep reading your skills books so you won't forget your basic skills. goodluck to you.:icon_hug:
  5. i totally agree with rep. i don't think i can save a million dollars in my lifetime, but maybe, if a teeny weeny chance that i could win a jackpot in las vegas, ( 10 million usd..), then i don't mind coming home to the philippines, ( maybe every six months?). but really, life here is better i think..i felt secure jobwise, financially okay for now. if i was in the philippines, whatam i gonna do? probably i will be bored to death! i blame it on my lifestyle here..always on the go. i guess this is what makes us motivated? vacation maybe....to live there? maybe not.
  6. RNHawaii34

    Philippine Graduate with US Green Card

    first, aren't you going to come back to us soon? if you are? what state? then if you know what state you are going to stay, or live, you should check out the board of nursing of that state. regarding review center? i suggest you should do it on your own, then go for a review centers, but since you have an alien card, "aka" greencard, i don't understand why you have to review there in the philippines. here in the us, you could go to a very good review centers. there are a couple that i know which are very good. i think you should start getting a review book first. pls. don't hesitate to ask more questions if you have some more.
  7. RNHawaii34

    California Requirements NCLEX Application Forms Inquiry

    i beleive your eligibility is good for one year, therefore, maybe you wait until just before you can apply for your att...i beleive it is good for one year also.then, you don't have to take the exam right away. perhaps take it before your att expires. see, this is why we strongly advise you new grads not to apply for your nclexrn asap. since your eligibility is already in your hands, there is nothing you can do but to take it...eventually. good luck to you.
  8. RNHawaii34

    refresher course for inactive nurses

    well, don't feel bad. you are not the only one who is in the same position right now. i understand you want to work in the state of new york. the problem now is that there are no available visa for you guys. if i were you, i will continue looking for a job, even if you feel that nobody will hire you. just continue looking. at least start from the very bottom, working in the united states is not easy, you need to pass all the exams, all the requirements, and that is just a dent for everything. if you have a backer, or you know someone in the hospital, there is nothing wrong with asking for help on how to get it in. volunteering will take you nowhere, or there could be a 50-50 chance that they will hire you, am i getting myself clear? i don't understand by what you mean it will be unfair for the senior nurses? just take your time..and eventually, you will get a job.goodluck to you.
  9. as far as i know, if you want to get in a university, shall we say in a state you want to get in, and it happens that you are not a resident of that state, you will pay more compare to local residents of that state. for instance, you like in the state of california, and you want to study here in the state of hawaii, the rate of your tuition will be more compare to hawaii residents. now, unless you live here for a year, then you will be considered as hawaii resident, thus, you will pay local tuition rate. i don't know how it works for other states really. in regards to loaning tuition money, even if you are not a us citizen yet, yes you may apply for student loans, however, there are some exception for foreign students, i think. if you are an immigrant, and you have a job, yes you can apply for certain loan,( which is available in the college campus). if you are under 21, and you have no job yet, your parents can co sign for you ( providing they are working,a and they have a job, and they are also a legal immigrants). one thing i don't like about student loans, is that they have high interest rate, and you really need to pay it wether you graduate or not..for those foreign students, i am not really sure about that. i beleive they cant apply for student loans, because how are they gonna repay it? as a foreign student, they are not supposed to, and not allowed to work, just like a legal immigrant, their visa is i beleive not valid to work here ( i beleive it was f-1 visa? ).hope this helps?
  10. sad to say, you cannot work and study as a cert. registered.nurse anest. period. like ms. suzanne said. that would mean, you need to be well experience in critical care nursing, intensive care nursing for maybe more than 2 years or more ( experience from working here in the us, that is )..that would also means it will be harder send " balikbayan boxes", or" pera padala" to your family backhome while in any specific graduate programs ( translation: you cannot give boxful of presents, and money to your family q month because money will be tight). you need to borrow money from the bank ( loan) to fund that studies. at the same time, you will need to eat, put gas in your car, and pay bills...yup, you want to get into graduate program? save your money as soon as you start working as a usrn, you will need it for sure. its nice to dream a big dream. like me? i want to get it in the msn program, but i am taking my time because i want to gain more work experience here. once i get tired of being just a regular staff nurse, maybe i will jump in the graduate's program. for now, im just gonna put more money in the bank, go to las vegas,( to watch the show and drive around, or coarse ;-) disneyland, ( again), and maybe visit the philippines this year! the bottomline? take your time....
  11. just a friendly advise for immigrants currently residing in the US ( the Philippines nsg new grads)....just take your time before even entering the Master's program in the US. for one reason, Nursing in the Philippines is soo different compare to the one's they have here in the US. You really need to rack up a lot of work experience especially in Acute setting...then give yourself two years, or more before even jumping into MSN. why? tuition is so expensive, and you really need to put your heart into your studies, blah blah...and for those in the Philippines, I suggest don't give up on your dreams just because there is still retrogression going on. If you have to take MAN and teach there in the Phil, go for it.if you can find a job even if the pay is not that big, just take it. don't be picky, because the more work experience you have there, the more confident you will get as the years go by,it is better than doing nothing while waiting for the retrogression to be lifted...don't let yourself be stagnant, find a job, even if its from a rural health center, or "Baranggay centers", grab whatever you can... where ever you think the money is, and you feel comfortable with it, just do it.
  12. RNHawaii34

    bullying in the workplace

    oh yeah....i agree with you 100% we have similar experience....with those type of people, i would just back off, and ignore them..you can never win.just go away as far as you can! like, stat!
  13. RNHawaii34

    Any US citizen studying Nursing in the Philippines?

    and oh!!! i forgot to add on something...it is expensive too!!!! you might think its cheap because we use us dollars..., but in my case? after adding everything up? tuition, uniforms, daily expenses, rent, utilities, bus fare, food, etc..blah blah? it probably cost more than what i would have spend in a local adn program here in the united states
  14. RNHawaii34

    Any US citizen studying Nursing in the Philippines?

    hmmm....running out of patience, huh? hang in there.. nursing in the philippines is entirely different from adn or bsn in the us...have you considered looking, or transferring to another school in your state? i am a us citizen but graduated in the philippines for my bsn...i find it very difficult to study there, if you think it is tough to be in your nsg. program now? it will be totally harder in pi...environment is different, culturewise, its very different, there is a lack of supplies in the schools, .....poor teaching techniques, you will need to think twice and weigh your option..if you insist? you need to find a better school, with good reputation. you will need to contact the philippine commission on higher education regarding transfer of credits. i am in the same boat like you before..transfer of credit is not your major worry, one thing is if you pursue nursing there, you're considered as foreign student..you need a student visa, etc. i say, think twice..goodluck;)
  15. RNHawaii34

    NCLEX what for? if retrogression?

    i don't think so. you cannot renew it only once. you can stretch it, like renew it within a year after expiration. otherwise, you have to continue renewing it.it will only cost you a renewal fee, you don't have to take the exam again. even for us, working nurses here in the us, we have to renew our licenses every two years. i think those new grads should not rush into taking there nclexrn...or they will just be frustrated waiting for retro to be over..i guess we talk about that again and again?
  16. RNHawaii34

    Which is harder Phil NLE or NCLEX-RN?

    i agree with suzanne4's input. if i were you, i would definitely not come back to pi. just start preparing yourself for nclexrn. get a job, get some experience, then decide if you want to take master's degree here. i beleive it is best to get it once you have more experience under your belt.