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  1. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from jnette
    German, Diane. Or you could say "Krankenpflege gefaellt mir.." or "Ich mag Pflegedienst"...
    I believe that was German? Here is the Dutch translation:

    Ik houd van zijnd een verpleegster

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  2. by   Effe
    Hi babynurse, I am not sure about your translation, "ganso" is the portuguese word for "goose", I think in spain thay say "oca" therefore you should say "la oca loca" because oca is in the fem. gender. But maybe in Latin America that is correct... Who knows for sure?
  3. by   Dudette
    "J'aime tre infirmire" is how we say in France. Or we say "j'aime prendre soin des autres" : I love to take care of others.

    Peace and Love for everybody ...
  4. by   URO-RN
    La enfermeria me encanta.
  5. by   yeyirn
    In the Philippines, "MAHAL KO ANG PAGIGING NARS" is equivalent to I love being a nurse... Good day.
  6. by   2ndCareerRN
    Nursing...........better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.....most of the time.

  7. by   michelle85
    The dutch translation is:
    Ik hou van verpleegkunde!
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Me gusta mucho ser enfermera.
  9. by   Stephan
    Quote from Dirk
    Hello !

    I lived long time near the netherlands border, and I think, they would say :

    Ik houd van pleeg

    Hope that is right

    No, that is not correct. "Pleeg" is slang, like "Cop" in stead of Policemen

    "Ik houd van verplegen" or "Ik houd van de verpleegkunde", but the most correct thing to say is: "Ik houd ervan verpleegkundige te zijn" (I love being a nurse).
  10. by   Stephan
    better late then never.....
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  11. by   Stephan
    Quote from Effe
    In Portuguese is said "Eu Amo Enfermagem", I'm glad I could help you! :hatparty:
    Eu amo enfermagem = I love nursing (the art of)

    Eu gosto de ser enfermeiro / enfermeira = I love being a nurse (male / female)

  12. by   carvanaragon
    as translated in Baguio, Philippines, laylaydek ay menbalin ay ners... i love to be a nurse
    as translated in Ifugao, Philippines ( where the rice terraces are ) pinhod ko un mumbalin an ners... i love to be nurse
  13. by   MamaTheNurse
    what an awesome thread!!!
    I don't have anything to contribute except for French which has been done multiple times but I'm sure having fun trying to say all of the other ones posted!!
    keep 'em coming!!!!