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So tonight was an info session at Loyola Chicago for the ABSN program. They started early, I got there at 5:25 and they had already started the session that was supposed to start at 5:30pm :rolleyes: but that's not what has me upset. They talked about how they have moved their deadline up to Oct 1 and will now be on rolling admission and that they would be looking more strongly toward people who had all or most of their science pre-reqs done :( I am taking Biology this summer as a pre-req to A&P1 so by the time I apply in October I will only have one science course done and it isn't even a pre-req :o I have a plan to complete all my pre-reqs by the beginning of May which will work, but I am scared and sad thinking they will pass me up and meet the 90 student limit before December when I will have grades for A&P1 and Chem. I am then taking A&P2, Organic Chem and MicroBio in the W/S semester. I just feel like the air has been let out of my sails.....


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I'm sorry you're feeling down and that things may not go the way they should. I know it's discouraging. Go ahead and try and if you don't get it the first time consider it a blessing. You really don't want to worry with other classes while in nursing school. I took Micro with 3rd semester and it just about killed me. Good luck and cheer up!


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Thanks SoulShine.

I know everything happens for a reason's hard when it's the school you really want to get into.

Hopefully it will all work out for the best. Either way I have to have all my pre-reqs done before classes start in the ABSN program which means I would have their pre-reqs done by the first week of May next year and their classes start the 2nd week of May.

Thanks for listening!


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Good luck! I know a lot of people who got into their ABSN program.....and none of them had all their science pre-reqs done. I would still apply because you just never know.

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Welcome to the wacky world of NS and your not even in yet!

NS are notorious for doing whatever they want whenever they want to.

Trust me this is only the beginning, if you are admitted you are going to be in for a shock. Nursing programs are not run like other college departments...they tend to do what they want when they want too. Rules are made up and changed at the drop of a dime. In most cases the only recourse you have is to deal with it and focus on your goals.

I say apply and just go along with the flow.


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Thanks Falon. I had a feeling this was going to be the case the whole way on my NS journey but I wasn't ready for it this early. You're right, I just need to go with the flow and "let it ride".


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I had Micro last semester (prereq for my program) and I applied while it was still in progress, and I was accepted after being on an alternate list for 3 weeks. It sucks when things don't go the way you want them to at first, but it usually seems to work itself out :) Try not to get discouraged!

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Many nursing programs around the country are doing this -- especially Accelerated BSN programs. It provides the program with a few different benefits: #1: Easier on them to select applicants to enroll in their program, #2: Allows them to pump out a lot more nursing students every years, and #3: It actually makes the program easier for the student, because if a student has almost all of their pre-req's completed, they only need to focus on the nursing classes and they already have a solid foundation in the sciences.

I have never actually understood nursing programs that let their students take all of their science classes concurrently with their nursing classes -- doesn't make much sense in my opinion. Also, schools that require students complete all their pre-req's before entering the program can pump out many more students, and usually shorten the length of their program.


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I know what you mean but for this program you have to have all your pre-reqs done before the first day of classes. What kills me is that they will seem to give preference to those applicants to have most of the sciences done at time of application. Oh well I will just be hanging in there as that is all I can do!


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My program - which I started 2 weeks ago - has always required that students finish all prereqs before starting the program. You used to be able to be enrolled in your last few when you applied, and then admission was contingent on maintaining your GPA at or above what they went down to that semester (school admits on GPA only). I went to an info session last fall, and the woman running it stated that they had changed the policy - now all prereqs had to be completed prior to submitting your application or it would be sent back. No exceptions. A few weeks later, I attended a pre-nursing society meeting. Two of the speakers were the admissions director and the vice president of admin. They said that while the new policy was as I described above, they weren't going to start enforcing it until NEXT year and those of us who were already almost ready would be grandfathered in. They just didn't want to advertise it. So I applied, registered for spring, was conditionally accepted March 19, finished classes May 1, and started NS May 14. What do you lose by applying now? The worst that can happen is you have to try again when more classes are completed, and you never know. Get the ap in ASAP, and they may change their policy again next week. Good luck!

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Like you said, just hang in there and do what they tell you to do. I've been on what feels like a million year quest to get all the pre-reqs done that the different schools I have been applying to require and it is exhausting. One thing that has helped me speed things along is doing as many CLEPs as possible especially for the pre-reqs for the pre-reqs like Biology. Hang in there and best of luck to you, Jules


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Just an update....

I was thinking about this post and thought it is funny that I am now sitting here starting week 4 at Loyola's ABSN program. Everything works out in the end. Woohoo!! Now if I can just keep my sanity over the next year :clown:

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