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This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline. We need love too! :loveya: My Boring Stats: A's in prereq's except ANP... Read More

  1. by   MistyMiss
    Indy does not have their bundles out yet. When I asked when to come back, I was told they would be in before classes start. :icon_roll I called three times before I drove out there, they never answered the phone, I get there and they have 5 people working. Why can no one answer the phone?

    Does anyone recall if we need to wear our uniforms to orientation?
  2. by   csab
    Kim, I believe the first time we have to wear uniforms is whatever day you first have fundamentals lab. We have to wear them whenever we have lab the first 5 wks, then of course after that you wear them to lab in addition to clinical.

    So does anyone know if we have to submit copies of shot records/lab titers, or is that signed form good enough? I guess I will play it safe and have copies of everything just in case. I assume we give them the original signed health forms, but copies of the shot records/lab titer reports/CPR card. I don't have a shot record for the ones I just got (Hep B, MMR), just the dates written on the form. I have my childhood shot record that shows my first MMR, but that's it. I guess they don't give adults shot record cards anymore? I didn't even think to ask about it when I got them.

    Anomaly--I think it's too funny that we were in the same 201 class all term and didn't know each other until the end--and you sat nearly right behind me the whole term too LOL. I got my Hep B from my personal doctor so I don't know about any of the MCHD locations having it or not. It would cost you more, but you can get those at a Minute Clinic type place if you had no other choice.
  3. by   sunny1230
    How annoying! I have been trying to call them too, and it says "voicemail is full, we will transfer you to an attendant" and then it rings off the hook.

    I don't remember anything about having to wear our uniforms to orientation, but i'm not positive...
  4. by   csab
    So the bookstore doesn't have the bundles ready yet? Surprise surprise there. I have to go get one more pair of green pants sometime. I need to have them hemmed because they are too long.
  5. by   crazylife2
    I am still waiting on the book bundle as well and called at 9:00 this morning and they didn't have them in and she told me to call back at 1:00 to see if they arrived yet. Well here it is after 1:00 and I call and no one picks up and their messege box is full so can't even leave a messege. Frustrating!!! I realize their busy, just want to get my books and be done with it but don't want to drive 45 minutes and waste gas to get there and not be in yet. I don't think we have to wear uniforms to orientation. Never remember her saying that we had to. She said we had to wear them to labs and clinicals. Anyone else hear any different? About the scrubs--- my pants fit wierd too. The crotch hangs lower than I expected and I got the smallest size they had. Hoping after I wash them they fit more comfortably. I got lucky and was able to get small tops which seem to fit good.
  6. by   MistyMiss
    Thanks guys, won't worry about scrubs until fundamentals lab.

    Bookstore just returned my call, they said books and scrubs for sure next Tuesday.
  7. by   leen7777
    Quote from MistyMiss
    Leen, did they say if we would be able to purchase the bundle today or that they were just coming in? I have tried calling, but they don't pick up.
    They will be available to purchase today if they come in.. They never answer the phone there, ever. I was told that the bundle cost approx $680.00, that is not including the two other books. So much for books costing between 500 and 600 huh.
  8. by   leen7777
    Quote from MistyMiss
    Thanks guys, won't worry about scrubs until fundamentals lab.

    Bookstore just returned my call, they said books and scrubs for sure next Tuesday.
    Them people just don't know what the crap they are doing. They told me the 14th, 18th, and then for sure today the 22nd.
  9. by   carlosnindy
    They told me today that the bundles shipped today and should be in next Tuesday. Apparently there was a back order on one of the new editions in the bundle. She said they had shipped today from the publisher and she was giving till next Tuesday to arrive because of the holiday.
  10. by   AnneMarie
    Since some of the books on the list now have newer editions than the ones named, would you all assume that the newest editions will be in the bundles? Since I'm getting my books "a la carte" I want to make sure I'm getting the right versions. I would guess that newer is always better, but I'd hate to get the newest version if they prefer the older one listed on the sheet (although I can't imagine that would be the case).

    Also, has anyone gotten scrub pants from anyplace other than the bookstore? I'm just wondering if we can get similar pants anywhere else?? I would guess it wouldn't be hard, but I thought I'd ask. Also, I need shoes....I want to actually try them on before I buy them, so has anyone gotten shoes from a local retail store and if so, which one? I'm trying to think of places that would have appropriate shoes. Finding white comfy shoes has proven to be a little harder than I thought! Thanx for your help!
  11. by   rnjls
    I'm a current nursing student and I got scrub pants and shoes at Scrubs and Beyond. The shoes were about $60.00 and I can't remember how much the pants were. The shoes are pull-on, and are pretty comfy. The pants have elastic at the waist, not the drawstrings. There's a store on the southside at Soutport and Emerson and one on the northwestside around 82nd street, I think.
  12. by   Angel@MyTable

    To all of you beginning NS soon!

    Sorry to butt in...but I was going over and looking for people who are graduating in the spring and your thread popped up. The only reason I started really reading is because my niece lives in Indiana and is in the LPN program at Ivy Tech! I got hooked at the excitement and anticipation of waiting for your acceptance letters (yeah, I experienced that a few years ago when I was accepted into our RN program) and was so excited to read pretty much everyone was accepted!
    Good Luck to all on your journey!
    Mine is ending in a few months! It is sooo exciting to be done soon!
  13. by   MistyMiss
    Thanks for the congrats Angel Best of luck back at you, it has to feel good to be so close to done!

    FYI to Indy folk, book bundles are still not in as of 4pm today.