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This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline. We need love too! :loveya: My Boring Stats: A's in prereq's except ANP... Read More

  1. by   MistyMiss
    That answers the ironing question. Wash and wear, woo hoo!
  2. by   csab
    Oh you're right Kim, I hadn't thought of that! I HATE ironing!!
  3. by   csab
    Hey, if any of you guys buy the Indy bookstore bundle this week, can you post here what exactly is in it? i.e. editions of books and if there is anything in it that wasn't on the blue paper. A few of the books on the blue paper were listed as older editions so I wanted to know if the bundle actually has the newest editions in it. Mainly the Med-Surg textbook, it just came out with a 12th edition. Oh and the Karch Focus on Pharmacology book was supposed to be coming out with a 5th edition but I don't know if it is out yet. Oh and one more book question, what is the second Carpenito book? They said at the meeting that the bundle would not have the Sparks and Taylor nursing diagnosis reference manual, but would have a second Carpenito book in its place.

    Thanks everyone!
  4. by   crazylife2
    Went to bookstore this AM and was told our book bundle won't be in until Dec 22nd. Got the 2 additional books we needed that aren't included in the bundle, but still no small or medium uniform tops in the bookstore... if anyone is waiting for them too.
  5. by   carlosnindy
    As of noon today, I have finished everything and am ready for January 7th. Shots, physical, cpr, and etc. have all been done. Exciting times ahead.
  6. by   MistyMiss
    Grats Carlos! It has got to feel good to know it's out of the way. Almost done here, just a set of shots and the CPR class away.
  7. by   csab
    I got my second TB today, and the chicken pox titer blood draw (decided to just get that done). Other than that I'm all ready, except for getting some white shoes. I'm pretty sure I've got everything else done.

    Can't believe it's only 3 wks till the all day orientation! I will have to find Annie and Kim and introduce you two, and Carlos you can find me or I could probably recognize you. Anyone else want to join up to sit together?
  8. by   carlosnindy
    I will look for you Chris. I have my white shoes, stethoscope and all that. I need to get my scrub pants and am waiting for more shirts to come in to get one more, but I have one already. I have to take my 3rd Hep B in a few months, but I believe all else it good to go. Plus I just found out that I got a WAG grant to cover my tuition and books for this spring semester. If it is still available I should get $3000 for next year as well! Yeah for me!
  9. by   davilynlovesdaniel
    I am all done--now I just have to actually take it to turn it in and get my scrubs...yeah!
  10. by   csab
    Wow Congrats on the grant Carlos!!!
  11. by   sunny1230
    So something...um, interesting...happened at the LabCorp drug testing place today. First of all, I went to the one on Shadeland because it's the closest to where I live. That turned out to be a huge mistake because the address on the sheet from Ivy Tech was wrong, and it took me forever to find the right place. By that time I was really ticked off. I got into the room and had to wait forever because there were so many people there. I was SO frustrated by the time the lady called my name.
    Those of you who have gone already probably noticed that the room where you have to pee is directly facing the waiting room (and there's no wall, it's glass). So everyone who is waiting can see you go in, see you come out holding the cup, hear everything that happens, etc...basically it's the WORST, most embarrassing setup ever.
    Well, I couldn't believe what happened. I got into the room after all that time...and I couldn't go. Seriously. I tried. This has never happened to me before. I only got a couple drops out. The lady looked at me so weird...like she was really ******. She said it probably wouldn't be enough, and that they would call me to reschedule :angryfire

    I was so ******. After all that effort trying to find the stupid place and all that time in the waiting room, and I physically couldn't pee for the first time in my entire life.

    Kinda funny, mostly frustrating...has this happened to anyone else?
  12. by   csab
    Sunny, I'm sorry it was such a bad experience for you. I found out that the address on the paper was wrong when I tried to go there too. I went to the bldg address on the paper, and there happened to be a stack of phone books on the floor in the lobby so I looked it up in there and realized it was next door. Very annoying. And yeah, I waited for like 45 min or more when I went there. It was gross because there was pee on the floor in the bathroom and two construction worker type guys had done the pee test before me. I've never had the not being able to pee issue, sorry that happened to you! Did you ever get your schedule?
  13. by   davilynlovesdaniel
    sonny--I have pee issues--lol I even wait in bathroom stalls until the person next to me washes their hands..lol I would have had to have been catheterized...