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Hello Everybody!! I thought I would go ahead and start a thread for the CHEM-101 online class for the Summer of 09. Hopefully this can be a place where we can help each other out if any of us... Read More

  1. by   IndyIvy
    You can close your lab, restart and save info so you can finish later. You just have to submit to instructor when you are done.
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  2. by   StillSliding
    I completed the Lab,saved it, printed it. I do not knowhow to submit if I wanted to. I saw the submit button initially before starting the lab, but after I completed it the submit was no where to be found. Did anyone else have this experience??
  3. by   IndyIvy
    I have 3 tabs available: Run Lab, View Report, Submit Report.

    Mine have been there. were there earlier when i finished, on there now that I logged back on. Maybe you'll just have to log in again. (?) I finished mine but have not submitted it yet.
  4. by   MasonsMommy
    You don't have to log out, you just have to exit the lab and then click on it again and those 3 options will be there like the beginning! That was kind of fun
  5. by   IndyIvy
    Quiz is up. I freaking missed 2 due to dang typos on my part. crap! I transposed 2 numbers TWICE. I was so darn nervous. ack! I just got on to see if it was anything like the lab, where u can do it over and then I couldn't. I didn't have a pencil or calculator or anything. had to go find it all real quick. I guess I should have been prepared. duh! I thought I read last semester that they could retake the quizzes so I was hoping it was the case this time.

    Looks like you can only take the quiz 1x and you only have 60 mins.
  6. by   StillSliding
    I missed the first one, got mixed up on -2 or times 10 positive and positive 2.
  7. by   xandersmama
    I am so bummed. When I hit submit on my quiz, Blackboard crashed, so I don't know whether it went through or not. I am afraid I might be using my replacing the lowest quiz grade on the first one. I can't even log back into Blackboard to check it out. Bummer!
  8. by   StillSliding
    Black board crashed everywhere. I got back on later. I wanted to print off the next set of lecture notes and print off practice quiz 5 and 6, also see if my grade was posted. The board crash on me also. I would send a message to the prof so he is aware of it. I will send one too.
  9. by   IndyIvy
    WHen the class first started there were 60 ppl on the roster. Today there ae 55. I guess 5 dropped. Interesting. I wonder if they got their book and got overwelmed or what.

  10. by   xandersmama
    So, I was able to get back into Blackboard and it shows that my quiz was submitted, but there is no grade. Did you guys have to wait on your grade or did it come up immediately?
  11. by   all4Him7
    I just did the first lab, did it only take you all less than 10 minutes (3 questions only) or am I missing something.?
  12. by   xandersmama
    Yeah. I think that is all it was. I only did the three questions and it only took me a few minutes. It was actually kind of fun.
  13. by   all4Him7
    Yeah, it wasn't bad at all! I guess I was thinking it was going to be really involved and take an hour.