In desperate in of some pointers!


does ANYONE have any suggestions on how to study for a FINAL...I desperately need some pointers!


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This is probably not what you want to hear, but studying for a final begins with the first day of class.


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Well, she's right, but most of us have been there. If possible, review old tests (which we can't in my NS).

Other than that, if you're up against it timewise, I would just hit practice questions related to what you've covered this semester. I just do a ton of questions (NCLEX type) and it seems to help.

There are also some great Pathophysiology and Pharmacology guides on here that have helped me.

for what class? did you go to test review? i review the powerpoints, do nclex style questions. i divide up the material the way it was taught. i review the beginning of the semester information first, and work my way to the last information presented. (this is usually the last thing i was tested on and is fresher in my mind). i study for an hour on and an hour off using a timer (i have some attention deficit disorder).

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I have the silvestri RN review and Q/A books. I hit the topics covered; it's organized a LOT better than any nursing textbook I've ever seen...

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Research has shown that studying in short periods with frequent breaks is most effective.


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I read my notes over and over again. LIterally. I am doing that now. I have three chapters for this last test and i have read my notes for each chapter 6 times so far. When we have the class final, i will go over old tests and again read and re-read the notes.


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one word: FLASHCARDS.

I used flashcards to study for all my exams in nursing school! Dont know where I would be without them!

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flash cards are the key for pharm, specially if you make them yourself!!!


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rewrite your notes - I always find that helps me!

great idea arievilo, i had forgotten to print out the last powerpoint set (ran out of ink and had to buy more), so in class i actually took old fashioned notes, and i think i remember this last lecture better than anything we've gone over this semester.

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