In desperate in of some pointers!


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Search nursing and then search whatever else you need.

It helps tons. And if you've procrastinated a bit don't stress too much. You can still do fine on the exams.

Good Luck!


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Not sure which class you are taking a final in, but it does start the first day. There is no replacement for being a dedicated student. Reading your notes is ok, but other things you can do are: record yourself reading them and then play it back, play it back while you are performing an activity(it helps reinforce memory from short to long), play it while you are sleeping if you can tolerate it, do Q&A with classmates like a jeopardy game to improve recall, and anything you just can't grasp go back to your text. If you have time an NCLEX review is always nice because it helps you think about the integrated nursing process. Even if your not sure what the question is asking you can always eliminate wrong answers with your basic nursing knowledge of patient safety and ABC's (airway, breathing, circulation). Good luck.

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