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I'm thinking about a career change and need advice. CPA to RN (Male)

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I've worked in every almost every field. I went from hospital to home health, yes I work 5 days a week. My days start out at home, in pyjamas with coffee as the kids leave for school. I ramble about my town and see patients, ramble home around 2 pm. I love my job. It's Sunday here and I said to my husband today "I actually kind of look forward to tomorrow". I feel like my pay is better than "decent" too. I get paid to see families in their homes, talk, meet their pets, get the big picture and try to help heal.

I get paid to take my computer to Starbucks and chart, make phone calls and plan a patient's plan of care. I have the best job in the world.

Hello, Just wondering how the career change to nursing came along? I have been doing some searching myself into the medical field from Accounting and would appreciate any insight. I have been a tax accountant for 1 year after college and am about to venture into my cpa exam, but have been putting it off since I really don't enjoy my job and can't rationalize spending more time on an exam instead of something I might enjoy more.


I also went to USC and received my undergraduate accounting degree with the leventhal school of accounting. I was not too fond about graduating at USC. I never really got a job with the big 4, mid tier firms, and small firms. The only thing that I got through the program was an internship with Novogradac and Company, and I didnt get the full tiime offer due to the downsize along with the economic crisis. I am currently taking my CPA and I havent been successful at it. I am dying inside slowly that I can get an opportunity to work for an accounting firm. I am individual that works hard and puts the time, and more importantly I am a team player. My GPA at USC was 2.90 overall, but the program is ranked 4 in undergrad, and I am left behind. I see friends of mine who went to State college got a job with the big 4 and their gpa was 3.30. Bottom line, I wish I could say what you feel truly with accounting, like how your live and breathe through it for more than 5 years. The only experience i have in accounting like i said is with Novogradac as a staff accountant and I work 68 hours a week for my full 3 month internship. I hated it, but I enjoyed the paycheck. I didnt mind the hours, and how it consumed me away from happiness because i was just happy that i have a job and possibly a career. But obviously that didnt pan out bc i was never given an offer.

I am currently 24 years old, studying for the CPA, and working with Wells Fargo as a loan service specialist ( I pretty much process all day, no brain power, nor gratification, more importantly i get paid 40k a year with someone with a degree in accounting with USC). I dread my job with wells fargo and i am praying so hard that i can work in an accounting setting and experience what you experience. I am back home in the bay area living with my parents so i can save money and pay my student loans. At the same time applying for an accounting job. But being back home, working in a pointless job, and studying for the CPA makes me realize that I might be better off switching majors. Specifically, becoming a registered nurse.

RN has a lot of positives over becoming a CPA. RN: GREAT PAY, working 3 days a week (12 hours a day or 36 hours a week), living life, most importantly the gratification of helping others, and making a difference just by seeing a patient smile. I know sometimes you will run towards patient with attitude, but it is dealable bc you know that they are old and thats how they are. Bottom line, being an RN has just been on my mind for quite sometime (10 months in counting). I am just scared to take the big leap bc of the impaction on nursing PROGRAMS. Is it easier for someone with a degree specifically in accounting and a degree with USC to get in to the accelerated program?

I am a male as well, and I dont think it matters if you are a male nurse. BC nurses makes more money than what an entry level auditor will make. My male friend makes a good amount of money as a male nurse and he is enjoying life! I do want to KIT with you and ask you questions with your career path.

I really appreciate the fact that there is someone like me out there.

Thanks man.

Bill E. Rubin

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To the OP, welcome!

I left a 20+ year career as a software engineer and I can totally relate to much of what you say. We had a CPA in my accelerated program (another male nurse). As others have said, poop happens, but you will get used to it, and it's a relatively minor aspect of the job. It's hard work, but it is meaningful work. No regrets here. Even on a bad shift, I always know why I'm there. I think the accelerated program is a great idea. It's a lot of work (as a graduate of my program once said, it's like "taking a drink of water from a fire hydrant"). But you get through it quickly, and it's cool going to class with people with a variety of different careers and backgrounds and previous careers and you will be able to relate to some of them.

You will probably feel at times like you must have been crazy to even think of choosing nursing as a career. Some people will ask you why you left your lucrative career in accounting to become a nurse. While sometimes thes questions come from "lay" people who don't know the challenges/rewards of being a nurse, sometimes the questions will come from other nurses. Others will applaud you for your choice. The feedback I have gotten has been overwhelmingly positive. You sound like you've got your #$%^ together in terms of thinking out what matters to you. I wish you the best of luck! :up: Keep us posted about your adventure.

Wow. I thought I was the only person out there willing to give up a career in accounting to do something else. I have a small CPA firm and find it to be very unfulfilling. There isn't ever a moment that I'm not thinking of what needs to be done next. I could sit in my office and work 24 hours a day and never be finished. Also, the money isn't that great when you have to work 60 hours a week to earn it.

I'm looking in to nursing also.

Can anyone tell me what the differences are between paramedics and nurses? I know generally the differences but would like more details. Training? Pay?

Also, for you former accountants what's the education like compared to an accounting degree. Easier / harder???

How hard is it to get in to the accelerated nursing programs? Did having a degree in accounting help?

What's the paperwork vs patient care hours breakdown? 70% care / 30% paperwork????

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