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  1. nurseby07

    Cath Stories

    Hello everyone, Isn't home health great? I cannot believe some of my foley cath insertion stories and was wondering what stories everyone else has. Today I cathed a 600 pound woman, it took four other people to hold back the flesh. She was so sweet, it made me sad to think about what the reasons are that made her get so big. I will point out that I was also kneeling in urine saturated carpeting. Uugh. My other most difficult cath patient is a sweet gal with MS. She is so rigid I have to have her daughter pry one leg while I straddle her other. We are working on getting her a suprapubic, but until that time the three of us sweat through the exhausting feat of getting her cathed. All sterile technique goes out the window. Those are just two stories. Was just curious what everyone else's are.
  2. nurseby07

    Need positive reinforcement- people can be so mean!

    I know this sounds very is cliche, but those patients tend to irritate me more when I have pms. Hang in there. Some people are so irritating. Be glad they aren't on daily wound care, like my current difficult family.
  3. nurseby07

    what a day

    UGGHH. Sorry.
  4. nurseby07

    I don't think I can do this anymore...

    The last few weeks for me have also been filled with annoying family members. It would be so much easier if we could ask the family members to step outside, like we could in the hospital, but in HH you can't. Uggh. I hope you find what you need.
  5. nurseby07

    Being a Nurse for a Killer

    Sounds like you're the judge and jury now. It was just an honest question, no need to berate.
  6. nurseby07

    Attitudes towards LPN's

    Complacent? That would be like a runner scoffing at another runner for "only" doing a half marathon. Geez. Becoming an LPN is a huge accomplishment.
  7. nurseby07

    And I continue my rant of MAs pretending to be nurses..

    And nobody doubts you aren't needed. You are. You just aren't there to assess.
  8. nurseby07

    And I continue my rant of MAs pretending to be nurses..

    I am the person from the original post. As a nurse I have made mistakes. I have never ignored obvious signs of infection. I doubt there are many nurses who would do so. Fever, redness, pus at op site warrants a look see by a doctor. I was not her nurse at the time, she didn't have one. Now she does.
  9. nurseby07

    And I continue my rant of MAs pretending to be nurses..

    I would have if I had been the one calling about the fever. I was calling for a med clarification.
  10. nurseby07

    And I continue my rant of MAs pretending to be nurses..

    Thanks Batman, The MD knows all of the above. I didn't even think about the BON. I shall do that tomorrow. First thing. Thanks.
  11. Today I was at a patient's home and had to call the doctor. The answering service said "If you would like to speak to a nurse press 3" So I pressed three. A girl came on, "This is Tina" and I said "Hi Tina I'm a nurse with so & so and your machine prompt says press three for a nurse. Are you a nurse" Tina says "Yes. Well, an MA, same thing, go ahead" Hmmm. What to do what to do? May I also point out that the reason I am seeing this woman is for a major abdominal post op infection? When she came home from the hospital she developed a fever of 101 with redness and pus at the wound site. She called the service and the "nurse" told her to take an advil and come in for her scheduled appointment in a week. This was the MA who I had spoken to. The doctor flipped when he saw the wound and she was immediately readmitted for iv abx and debridement. What is going on and who do I report her to?
  12. nurseby07

    Patients & Pain Meds

    Has anyone else noticed an increase in the last month or so of patients who are being denied pain meds or having the meds decreased? It seems like many many many of my patients have pain med issues and they call me, cry to me, beg me to help them. I have called doctors when I felt they were needed but most have been denied. So many of my patients have a drug abuse history and I am pretty sure that a lot of them are seeking, but it seems to me that with gaping wounds they would need meds. I feel like my hands are tied, especially when they have signed narcotic contracts, to help them. My visits have ended up being all about a shoulder to cry on while they cry to me about how someone broke in and stole their meds, they have been to 6 ERs in the last month, they won't have meds to cover them for the weekend, etc. I HATE it. I have spoken to my supervisor and she said to just clearly state that my hands are tied. But it doesn't make it any easier when I am in their home and they are telling me they are going to buy narcotics off the street. Just a rant. Ugggh.
  13. nurseby07


    I agree with what you did. 100% I am more concerned with having to drive 40 miles for a patient. WTH? I saw 5 today and logged 8 miles.
  14. nurseby07

    What the heck is going on in Portland right now?

    I am really sorry that you are being forced into a new position and I hope you find one soon. When times are rough and only a handful of jobs are available, I would rather that they go to my neighbor first rather than someone who wants to move to Oregon for its beauty and awesomeness. I have your back, I just have the back of the 1500 2009 Oregon graduates first. Whooa. It's all good.
  15. nurseby07

    I am not in charge of your entire medical care!

    Yes, I do. I have posted a similar subject. You just get sucked in and have to say no. No is the hardest word I have had to learn to say. I know you know to call MSW, say no, etc. It just sucks to be put in that situation. Sorry.
  16. nurseby07

    What the heck is going on in Portland right now?

    I'm sure you are a great nurse. Oregon was once peaceful but is now becoming LA part two. In my biased opinion what little new grad jobs are available should go to qualified Oregon residents first. And I doubt Kansas is that boring.