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Cath Stories


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Hello everyone,

Isn't home health great? I cannot believe some of my foley cath insertion stories and was wondering what stories everyone else has.

Today I cathed a 600 pound woman, it took four other people to hold back the flesh. She was so sweet, it made me sad to think about what the reasons are that made her get so big. I will point out that I was also kneeling in urine saturated carpeting. Uugh.

My other most difficult cath patient is a sweet gal with MS. She is so rigid I have to have her daughter pry one leg while I straddle her other. We are working on getting her a suprapubic, but until that time the three of us sweat through the exhausting feat of getting her cathed. All sterile technique goes out the window.

Those are just two stories. Was just curious what everyone else's are.

I have some very similar stories but I think my profile gives my location so I won't say too much in fear of HIPAA violations.

I have also had a female with MS, contracted & difficult. I found that turning her on her side and inserting from behind made that much easier.

annaedRN, RN

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I cathed a lady in her recliner and she then later stated I broke her recliner during the catheterization (??) had nothing to do with her 250lb frame flopping down into it everyday, right? Was on-call one evening and had a call from a guy who said his cath was leaking and not draining even after irrigation. When I said I could come out...he asked me if I had ever done it before??? It was all I could do to not say...well, I'm gonna bring up my how-to book... Anyway...yep, have had a few morbidly obese and some contracted patients that have been very difficult. Had a demented lady once screaming I was raping her the entire time I was cathing her...very sad.