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im taking the test tomorrow! wish me luck! :)

im so nervous! i hope i pass!! :)

Good luck. Try to get some rest.

good luck & breathe! here's my tips:

be confident you got this!

go with what you've been taught!

i wrote i got this :) on my dry erase board (they give you instead of paper)

take your time!

read the entire question!

identify what the question is asking you before you look at the answer selections!

you'll do fine! i'm not going to lie, it's stressful & i had anxiety...but just relax : )

i took the nclex rn yesterday (1/5/11) and it stopped at 106 questions. i came out of the test not knowing if i passed or failed...was really on the fence. a major % of my test was priority, 2 med calc, and a handful of sata. i took the test at 12:45 and just now did the pearson vue trick & got the good pop up!! i couldn't decide if i wanted to know yet!

remember...you are going to kick this tests a$$ :D

thank you for the kind words! :)

how long should i wait before i check the PVT?

Good luck to ya...Like everyone has said, go in knowing you are going to pass. Read carefully and take your time...Keep us posted.....Patty


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I took my test last Friday, so I can relate. I checked for the popup about two hours after I finished and it was there. Quick results showed up on Monday. I was so jittery that I didn't get into my normal test-taking mode until question 30. I had 2 med calcs, 10 SATAs and 1 audio question. I almost cried when the machine shut off at 75 questions. I was looking forward to more chances to "show my stuff". Keep breathing and think how great it will feel to clear out all your NCLEX review books!

Good luck! Stay calm and focused. Like the other poster said, "YOU GOT THIS!" Please keep us updated when you know your results. Take care.

You can try the PVT once it says "Delivery Successful"....that means your results were delivered so the PVT will be accurate, if you check it before it says that, then they wont be accurate!

good luck tomorrow!!!!! i'm taking the nclex-pn tomorrow in pennsylvania. i did very well in school and very well on the ati predictor but i have not done well with the learning ext tests. it dropped my confidence level so i stopped reviewing on that site. i have been studying rea's flash cards since the summer and do quite well on those. i would like to go in for the test tomorrow relaxed, calm, cool and collected..........pffftttt, that is not going to happen.

i will try the pvt. what portion of the site will say "delivery successful" mentioned by another poster?

good luck to anyone taking the test..............


I will say a prayer for you & Good Luck!

after you have signed in to the pearson vue site you will come to a page that on the left hand side says : current activity, register, view history and so on. click currant activity~once that page appears scroll down to the bottom and under the heading "recent appointment history" to the right it will say status...under that it should say "delivery successful"

if it does, then you know you can do the pvt :)

good luck & remember you got this!!


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GOD BLESS you on your exams...

believe! God is with you.


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Good luck, you'll do great!

Thank you everyone for the good lucks and prayers! I've checked the PVT and got the good pop up! i hope its the same with the official results. thank you so much!!


and it will be the same with the official results! i took my test on weds afternoon, did the pvt weds night, quick results today...and well

i passed!!!



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