I'm sorry. I have to say it.

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They sure took their time getting that 24 weeker up to the unit on ER!:roll

I think they need a new medical advisor. The whole thing was so weak! Puh-leez!!!!:rolleyes:


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I haven't even begun nursing school yet, and it looked totally lame. Stick a tube down ther throat and they're fine right? I didn't know you NICU nurses had it so easy! :chuckle

And again, why does Abby want to be a doctor? :rolleyes:


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I can't even believe that woman was down there long enough to have the baby. I once had emergency try to send me a woman with a sprained ankle because she was 20 weeks pregnant!!! Not contracting or bleeding or anything, they just see a pregnant woman and freak:eek:

Oh Fergus you are so right! I broke my toe when I was 34 weeks and they wanted to boot me up to L&D. I told them that was the dumbest thing I ever heard and they let me stay.

Sue, you are smarter than the diector of ER!:chuckle I don't expect it to be 100% accurate, but there was no neonatal team, no OB,med students are placing UA lines in a 24 weeker and they did it so fast! I've seen a fellow take up to half an hour!I'm surprised that kid din't freeze to death laying open on that warmer bed.

I feel so stupid. I hardly watch this show and this is why. The stories and the acting are getting lame, lame lame!:rolleyes:


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What about Luka? He can just circle some numbers on the patient bill and viola! The patient just has to pay $300 versus $2000. Talke that to billing lol. And of course this patient was justified in becoming violent in the ER cuz he's just frustrated, right?

He is also the shining hero. Patient's are just thrilled not to have unnecessary tests because they are expensive. Right! In real life they will be screaming "Why didn't they test me for this or that?" Meanwhile they are consulting their lawyer for their malpractice suit. But as long as there is nothing better on.... I continue to watch on the days I am home.

Oh by the way. Where is Carter. I like his character. Missed seeing him last show.

And can I answer the question of why Abby wants to become a doctor?. Cuz all us nurses suffer from P envy. (Physician envy, lol).

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I am SO glad you said that! I made the same assessment, but then, that ER staff is way too calm and takes it's time getting patients delivered in the OR before calling OB...AND didn't Abby say something that nurses start ivs but surgical residents do cutdowns??????Please! ANY one who can get the Iv does it and doesn't argue about it in the middle of a code...I can't stand the stupidity of that show sometimes..And since when can you be a nurse one day, go back to school and immediately become a surgical resident? Not to mention negating the nurse role by just saying what she did????

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Oh, and since I fell asleep during the show, I possibly missed this....Where was the jet vent? The UAC line? The UAV line? The Iv period? What about all the stuff those amazing NICU people do? Or, we amazing community hospital delivery/nursery people who do it before they get there? Was it a servo warmer with a temp probe? Am I being a little sensitive?????? How about the frequent blood sugars? How about a nurse or doc devoted just to that kid while in the ER and otherwise??????24 weeks??? Come on...Those ER people would have been freaking out in real life....

( so would I , by the way, until that child was picked up by the team and sent out of my level one facility...)

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And I couldn't believe Abby's comment that if the baby is over 500 grams, then the mother has no right to refuse treatment! And just how did Pratt manage to determine that the baby weighed 506 grams on an old-fashioned balance scale?

Even in the archaic hospitals where I've worked, parents' desires are taken into account in determining the care of extremely premature infants, and we had modern scales!

ARGH! This show makes me nuts!

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Will someone who loves me tell me what happened? I had to work. Boohiss. :D I always miss the good stuff.

Oh Kristy, you didn't miss sh*t!:chuckle

Some mom that was 24 weeks was bleeding and delivered down in the ER. The ER docs there are so flexible!:rolleyes:

Some student and resident (I have no idea anyone's name anymore) intubated and placed lines in this kid in no time flat!

Seem they are pros at tubing 24 weekers (And that kid they had looked 20 weeks if it was a day) and placing lines. Must do it every day!

And then the kid sat down in the ER WAAAYYYY longer than in real life! Seems all you have to do after delivery is watch 'em grow!;)


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Originally posted by suemom2kay

...And again, why does Abby want to be a doctor? :rolleyes:

Abby was in med school before, she had to drop out when her ex failed to pay her tuition (as he was ordered to in their divorce). She got him to co-sign a loan so she could go back.

My husband ended up tellin me to shut up, it is fiction when I was screaming at the TV about the baby.


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I was very dissapointed when Abby decided to go back to med school. They really enforce the belief that nurses are way below doctors on this show! Like a couple of weeks ago when Dr. Lewis told Abby, that she was "just a nurse" and had no right to inform a pt of some fatal disorder because her parents didn't want her to know. We are the patient advocates! aarrrgggg this show frustrates me and the way they portray nurses ...even though I am addicted to it :(

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