Im new here!!!

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hey people!!

iam a second year nursing student studying at one of the polytecnics in auckland NZ.

It is quite intresting reding everyones view and thoughts overhere.

so how are you people dealing with SARS in the hospital?

Iam also keen to know if u nurses use hand held computers in the hospital.

:cool: ASH


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To nursing and this BB. Glad to have a KIWI!

There have been no cases of SARS at any hospital where I work. Suspected cases have been tested.

We use computers for charting, not hand held though. I have met nurses who used them.


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Just wanted to say WELCOME aboard and enjoy yourself. I havent had to deal with SARS either.


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hi , welcom . i m in China .many cases of sars and suspended cases have been found there. i live in xi'an city, there are more than 10 cases have been found by now. but for almost more than 10 days ,no new cases of clinical diagnosis or even suspended have been reported. according to the report by our government

the totle county has just 16 cases and 13 are in Beijing. so it is much safer now.

by the way,have you learned something about evidence based nursing in school. materials i can find in China is poor, but i read from magazines that nursing students have been asked to learn it in western countrys


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hello! its nice knowing you. im also a new member here and also becoming sophomore nursing student next month. anyway, our classes will start in june.

in the philippines, its now sars free according to the who and the hospitals doesn't quite bother.

hope you will enjoy here.

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Hi! Welcome! No SARS or hand held computers here. Good lucK!

No SARS here, as far as I know. We are looking at hand held computers for nurses and PDA's for aides.


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WElcome to the BB. No SARS here!! But lots of media attention and lots of faxed info from the CDC.


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Welcome to the allnurses family.

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Hey! Devia01. I'm new 2!!!!!

Ain't this a cool website. I think it's awsome. Better than those other chat rooms.

!!!!! NURSE'S ROCK!!!!!! ;)


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Hi and welcome, I too am fairly new to this, it is a lot of amusement, I haven't had any cases to deal with either, again Welcome!!:chuckle


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welcome..........pull up a chair!


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