I'm so Happy!


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My boyfriend walks through the door and says guess what the infamous letter is here. I opened the envelope but couldn't open the letter so my boyfriend opens the letter with a sad look...you got in.

I almost killed him but I was laughing and yelling I got in.:lol2:

I got in! I start classes in June. I am soooo happy. I haven't even been in this site in about 4 weeks because I was getting so depressed on rather I would become a Nurse or not. I am so happy, I'm going out of my mind.

Woohooo! :monkeydance:

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Thanks...now back to re-reading the letter.

Hey everyone does it! :rotfl:

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fireworks6.gif congratulations, cherish!!!!!!!!!!!!! fireworks6.gif


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:balloons: congrats!:balloons:

now get ready for a wild ride!

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Congrats!!! Enjoy your free time now!!!


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hip hip hooray

now miss cherish, i hope you see now that all that negative thinking will get you nowhere but down in the dumps

please be positive and what was meant to be was meant to be

when one door closes, another door opens

always look on the bright side of life

i know this is a whole lot of positive self-talk but it works for me

now celebrate like heck and be very happy and keep in touch


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Thanks...now back to re-reading the letter.

Hey everyone does it! :rotfl:

Hehehe, I graduate in May....I still have my letter. LOL!! I just can't seem to part with it.


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Thanks...now back to re-reading the letter.

Hey everyone does it! :rotfl:

I got my letter almost a year ago, started classes in Jan...and there it is, hanging on my refrigerator! (DH just laughs and shakes his head when he sees it *still* hanging there):lol2:



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Congrats to you!


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:balloons: :monkeydance: congratulations cherish!:monkeydance: :balloons:

:melody: :yelclap: :biere: :yeah: :w00t:


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Congratulations!! I'll never forget when I got my letter. It's a day to remember!! :D