Taking Nclex, when is license posted online (IL)?

  1. Hello guys I am taking the NCLEX-RN on Monday and I am just wondering how long does the IL BON takes to post your license online. I will try the quick results but I'd like to know too if IL is one of the states that takes a little longer or right away. Thank you.

    P.S. If I do want to check it online should I just go to the ''license lookup'' at the idfpr page? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   schnookimz
    Illinois will not post your license online for several weeks.

    Here's way to do it:

    Take your test.

    The next day (I think at 5pm??) you can go on the continental testing website and put in your name and test and it will tell you if you passed for free. You don't need to bother with the quick results.

    About ten days after you pass, Illinois will mail you the paperwork for your license. Fill it out and mail it back. Your license will come in the mail in about 3-4 weeks and your license will be posted online at that time when they mail it to you.
  4. by   schnookimz
    Here's the link to continental where you can see if you passed:

  5. by   almaguerrn
    Thank you so much! So now that I know that it takes a little bit more time... when do you suggest I should start applying to jobs if I know I passed the NCLEX but the BON still doesn't upload my license number? Is there a way I can prove to the hospital that I passed the NCLEX but I am just waiting for the license to be posted? Thanks!!!
  6. by   schnookimz
    You will get a pass letter in the mail so you could bring that with you to interviews, but I know a lot of places won't even look at you without a license number. I would start applying after you find out that you pass. Good luck!
  7. by   kimmy20
    I'm not sure which area in IL you're from but in Chicago I would not buy quick results because you get your results from continental testing site in the mail in 2 days after you take your exam. If you pass you get an application for licensure and you can mail that to IDFPR along with a $50 check. Buying quick results wouldn't be worth it because you still have to wait for the application in mail anyway.

    IDFPR is notorious for being extremely slow. I passed in November and didn't even get my license number online and in hand until mid January. Previous poster is right about how most places (especially the big hospitals) will not even consider you unless you have your license on hand. You could be a lucky one and get it with no problem in 2-4 weeks after sending in your application for licensure with the fee. Good luck!
  8. by   kris2015

    I want to clarify how this works for some people but I wasn't sure until I went through the process. Here's how the process went for me in Illinois (this is for nclex-pn and I'm sure it's the same for nclex-rn).

    Took the Nclex-PN on Sunday, Jan 9th. 1 Hour later, did the Pearson vue trick and got the "Good Pop-up" (thank god, because I didn't want to fork over another $200) lol.

    Waited 48 hours. (doesn't matter if business day, holiday, etc... 48 hours no matter what..., you can purchase the quick results for 8 dollars). So on Friday, I finished at 3:30 pm, so on Sunday 1/11/15, I checked the pearson vue website at 3:30 pm and my results were ready. Even though I knew I passed, I paid the 8 bucks to be sure. Two days later, on Tuesday 1/13/15, I get a letter in the mail saying I need to pay $50 dollars for my license and that they only accept check/money order. This letter also states I can work license pending for 3 months (i don't think it says that for the RN letter though). I send it out certified mail and they get it on 1/21/15. Two days after they received my $50 dollars, I checked the idfpr website (on 1/23/15) to see if my license was up and it was. On 1/28/15 (Wednesday), I got my official paper copy of my license in the mail.

    I'm just writing this to give you a time frame on how long it takes. In essence, if you pass nclex, you will get a letter in the mail. Pay the license fee in Illinois. In about 2 weeks your name should show up on the idfpr license lookup site and in about 3 weeks you should get your paper copy. Hope this helps!
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  9. by   bdennyBSNRN
    @Kris2015- Did it really take two days for your license number to post on the IDFPR website? I have heard that it takes upwards for 2 weeks!!!
    I just sent my money in 2/2, and i sent it express. They will receive it 2/3.
    I am trying to get into the orientation on feb 16. I hope i can make it on the website before then!
  10. by   schnookimz
    Kris above took the LPN exam, she references the nclex-pn in her response.

    Taking the nclex rn it took far longer than 2 days for my license to be posted.
  11. by   kris2015
    It takes about 2 weeks from the day you took nclex for your license to post. I'm saying it took 2 days for them to post my name up on the website after they received my $50.

    My friend that took it a week after me on 1/16/15 had his license posted on 1/30/15 (IDFPR website).

    Now I did mention this was the Nclex-PN but I'd assume that the same people that handle the LPN licenses also handle the RN licenses therefore the time frame should be about the same.
  12. by   lillady04
    Kris2015 how lomg did it take from the time u turned in ur app to take the nclex until u recieved ur att to test?
  13. by   schnookimz
    I've taken both tests and my LPN test went way faster than the rn unfortunately.

    LPN was super fast but with rn I tested at the end of June and didn't have license in hand until August.
  14. by   kris2015
    Application was mailed on 12/9/14. I received my Authorization to Test (ATT) on 12/22/14. About 2 weeks to get my ATT.