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  1. Illinois CNA question

    Sounds like you're good to go, I would start applying.
  2. Getting LPN license while in the RN program

    Depends on the school. I would ask your school/program director. On the LPN approved school list (it's on the application... just google it), see if you're school is on the list of approved LPN schools. I know that some schools that have RN program...
  3. Taking Nclex, when is license posted online (IL)?

    Application was mailed on 12/9/14. I received my Authorization to Test (ATT) on 12/22/14. About 2 weeks to get my ATT.
  4. Taking Nclex, when is license posted online (IL)?

    It takes about 2 weeks from the day you took nclex for your license to post. I'm saying it took 2 days for them to post my name up on the website after they received my $50. My friend that took it a week after me on 1/16/15 had his license posted on...
  5. Elgin Community College Nursing Program

    ECC offers a great nursing program! I've worked many places and there are tons of ECC graduates planted all over hospitals, LTC facilities, rehab centers, doctor's offices in Illinois. The teachers are pretty good, most want you to succeed, not fai...
  6. Taking Nclex, when is license posted online (IL)?

    HOW LONG IT TAKES FOR LICENSE TO POST IN ILLINOIS / IDFPR LOOKUP I want to clarify how this works for some people but I wasn't sure until I went through the process. Here's how the process went for me in Illinois (this is for nclex-pn and I'm sure i...