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If You were Me, What Will You Choose?


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Nursing situation here in the Philippines is deteriorating. You should bear in your mind the word "ASSURANCE". Is there assurance that you'll be employed in that tertiary hospital after 6 months of training? If I were you, I'll choose to stay in the secondary hospital where I am 100% assured that I can keep the job.

Its not easy to land to a staff nurse job so you should think twice. :p

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guys, i already finish the training program at the tertiary hospital and i already signed up a contract with them, im a contractual nurse, 6 months then renewable, i already resigned from the secondary hospital on a short notice with circumstances beyond my control and i need to resign immediately as my reason.. i already weigh things already and it's better for me to work at the tertiary hospital and be a public servant, pay is also a bit higher as compared to the secondary hospital, im just gonna do my best and kick ass when i start working at the government hospital sometime next month.... thanks for all POVs


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Most of the contractuals I know here in just got the job because of their "backers" so I am not sure if you have one, good luck to you :yeah:

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Thanks but I don't have "backers" or someone to help me to get in the government hospital.


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I work in a tertiary-government hospital here in the Philippines and I didn't have anyone to back me up when I became a regular staff. To help you with your decision, I will share to you my personal experience. I was once a volunteer then became a staff nurse in a tertiary hospital (privately-owned) near our residence. When I got a call from the tertiary-goverment hospital to complete my pre-employment requirements, I never thought twice to formally quit my previous work. I was enjoying my work their in that private-tertiary hospital (and all of my colleagues are my friends even head nurses included) but when I searched my heart (whew!) of what I would like to be in the future, I know that the institution that I would transfer into would shape me into a better nurse (aside of course from the pay, which is higher in public hospital).

I am now a junior nurse here in that public tertiary hospital and I never regretted a single day of my decision.

Search deep within your hypothalamus and instruct your frontal lobes to decide or in a symbolic (and short) way of saying it.. search your hearts desire

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