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lenjoy03 has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. lenjoy03

    NMBI Application Pack

    Still no update. I applied May 21 and all my documents were received last June 12 but until now still no division found.
  2. lenjoy03

    OSCE for nursing

    Good to hear. Thank you very much! I feel better now. I just wonder why alot of IEN are required to undergo additional university course. After 2 months, you got the result that you need additional course right? Is the letter from CNO or CEHPEA?
  3. lenjoy03

    OSCE for nursing

    Hi hidee, I'm trying to send you a pm but unable to do so. I just want to ask about the exam. Is it really that difficult? From 1 to 10, 10 as the most difficult, how was it? I don't want to ask you the content or sample questions, but rather the overall rating of how difficult it is. I heard that majority fail and found to have competency gaps. I will be taking OSCE on November 22. I'm a bit nervous though. Sigh....
  4. Hi... I'm scheduled for NOvember too!
  5. Yah! I sent my reply May 13 and CEHPEA sent me the link June 7. Now waiting for the invitation for November. Anyone here scheduled for the OSCE November 22nd schedule?
  6. lenjoy03

    Saudi- MOH

    anyone bound to UGH-Madina? My flight schedule will be on Dec 20. 2 weeks after my evaluation.. so fast! : (
  7. lenjoy03

    SRO nurses who still waiting for flight sked.

    anyone here bount to UGH-madina? Or anyone who have idea on the place? thank you
  8. lenjoy03

    Makati Medical Center

    Im currently working in a Medical surgical unit.
  9. lenjoy03

    Saudi- MOH

    to those applicants of SRO from previous batch, may I know how much did you pay for the processing of visa and everything else on your evaluation? I just want to know how much I should bring.Thank you
  10. lenjoy03

    Makati Medical Center

    what do you mean trainee? If you are a CETN trainee, no allowance will be given but if your a nurse on probation, you'll get the usual salary. Gosh! I'm working there for 3 years but I have the same salary as those of newly regular nurse.
  11. lenjoy03

    to my fellow filipina/filipino nurses working abroad

    I've been reading your post and sad to say this is true. there are rotten apply in a basket. Even here in the Philippines, we have that kind of nurses. The thing is with SOME Filipinos, they are insecure. These are some of the typical attitude of Filipino. This does not only happen in Filipinos but others as well. You go to middle east and there you can encounter diff kind of discrimination from British, Arabs and Some Americans... THe way to address this is confront the person himself. I know it's is hard to do. If you don't want to do this, you can file a complain. As what our supervisors always say, "Put It In Writing" and send it to headnurse or grievance committee. Ok ok it's still hard because if you do this they will make your life more miserable. Well it's worth to try.. What I did before, I just kept quiet, mind my own business and be professional. Your not there to be bullied at and entertain them by showing your weak. there will come a time that they will just give up. This is what happened to me before. These is not always applicable. It depends on the situation your at. The important thing is, you know how to play their game and you know people you can trust. ANd lastly, I transfered to other unit where I enjoyed working with other nurses. There are still some backfighting, but lighter compare to the people I previosly worked with. Changing environment sometimes gives us a peace of mind and security.
  12. lenjoy03

    Makati Medical Center

    First, MMC is still on freeze hiring. Second: as for the process, Nursing applicants don't pass their requirements in the Human Resource but the training office does this. You can contact them thru phone, just ask the operator to connect you to their department or if your in MMC, go to 9th floor New wing. It is just beside the elevator so you wont miss it. And since they are on freeze hiring,it is better that you call them first before going there to verify if they are open for applicants.
  13. lenjoy03

    Makati Medical Center

    I don't think so.. the CETN trainees who finished their training a year ago was just deployed last month and still there are lots of pending trainees waiting to be deployed..
  14. After scheduling an exam, you just need to bring 2 valid IDs. One passport and government ID or any valid IDs. there are instructions there the time you need to be on the testing center so you just need to read. I'll be taking the HAAD exam tomorrow at 9am. whew! Good luck me! I was just scanning some notes and good thing I found this post so that I can just some few more notes to study. Still have 24 hours before the exam. lol..
  15. lenjoy03

    a simple interview for an RN . :)

    I can still remember the time when I was also asked to make that kind of report... hahaha.. anyway.. hope my answers will be helpful on your report. 1. why did you choose nursing >>> At first I was made to take up nursing but after quite sometime, I learned to love it. 2. what field of nursing are you in right now? >>> MS 3. why did you choose this specific field of nursing? >>> I didn't choose this. I had a unit transfer from ID to MS and realized that MS is really for me. LOVE IT! 4. what courses/subject did you like in your nursing education? >>>hmm.. I prefer psychology and socio-antropology. 5. what do you think are the crucial qualities of a nurse to be able to work in your specific field of nursing and why? >>> In everything you do, you should LOVE what your doing. It includes passion and patience.. 6. what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a nurse in your specific field of nursing? >>> there are alot of advantage: In one unit, you specialized on a specific part of nursing. You really have an advantage if your an ICU nurse since you are rotated to different unit such as tele, kidney unit, On the other hand, in some other unit such as OR, when they are transfered on the floor, they require alot of adjustment. Of course same with the floor nurse if transfered to other unit. The thing is, nurses are flexible. wherever you go, whatever unit we are transfered, nurses are always on the go! 7. Can you describe your typical day at work. >>> my topical day at work is when you can't eat, drink or even sit down when we have a full census. Alot of calls from demanding patients, work with alot of equipments and dealing problems with colleagues and using your common sense in all you do. 8. what are your plans for the future as a nurse? >>> I want to work abroad.. Like Canada.. My dream land! 9. what advise/s can you give to a nursing students for them to have a fruitful future career and profession in nursing? >>> simple, "LOVE WHAT YOU DO!" It's not just a simple work, it's a profession! 10. In one word, describe what is nursing to you? >>> passion
  16. lenjoy03

    Nova Scotia Nursing Registration

    I haven't applied for a temporary license yet. You can only do that once your in canada. You need to apply for the TL before your eligibility expires which is 2 years. Each part has an expiration date 2 years after each documents were received. So in short, it doesn't mean that you have to apply for a TL once you received your eligibility.

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