If you are an LPN are you married or in a relationship?


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I'm a married LPN; I work full time. My husband and I have time for each other. I had one son who is deceased (from hypolastic left heart syndrome) 6 years ago.


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Married, two kids active in sports (young teenager and young preschooler), and I work in an office so I can have my evenings, weekends, and holidays off with them. Yes, there are times when it's crazy, like when my husband travels for work and I get off a little after 5:00, pick one up from daycare, get dinner done, get the other one to practice on time, put little on to bed, help oldest with homework, etc. When my husband is home he picks up the little one (he gets off work before I do) and he'll start dinner if I'm late, or I'll start it if I get off on time or early. It takes the both of us, but that's something we both agreed to before we even got married.


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work 80 hours a week sometimes, i do visits and shift care! very dedicated to finishing up for my RN. two time business owner. HAVE CHILDREN. when i started same problem that caused the divorced. TO FOCUSED on work and making my accomplishments a reality........was married 13 years. started my nursing married, finished divorced. pursing my RN now recently separated myself mid way from completing my RN from someone that i did want to spend the rest of my life with. smh. i did dedicate a pint of baskin robbinz to "his" memory BUT HAD TO KEEP STUDYIN "HONESTLY"!! that wasn't going to be on my mid term and for damn sure it isn't on the NCLEX lol..............:writing:

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Yes, I am a working Private Duty LPN. Married for 16 years and "home educating" for children ages 15 - 9 years of age. Initially started pursuing a nursing (RN) degree in 2008 after having my last child. I don't think the 12-hour night shifts plus managing my children's "home education" schedules have added any more strain to my marriage that wasn't already there. Honestly I think what had the MOST negative affect on my marriage was Practical Nursing school. I wasn't working and my husband had to "re-arrange" his work days because of my clinical schedule. The "backlash" I got from him about all the "sacrificies" he made for me to finish school, made me reconsider applying for the LPN-RN program at a "traditional" college. I think the REAL test on our marriage will be after I complete the LPN to RN program I've been trucking along in for 3 years (desparately trying to graduate in C/O 2017). For some odd reason being financially stable (ie. A RN salary equivalent to two full-time working adults) tends to threaten a marriage/relationship more often than not. But that's just my opinion.


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I'm a new LVN (about 6 months of experience). I'm divorced, I live with my mom because rent is too damn high in my area, and I have a 5 year old son. My ex and I have 50/50 custody of him. I've been doing agency work since June, taking shifts that work for me and my son. It's been a pretty good work/life balance so far. Living with my mom helps a TON. My dad is able to drop off and pick up my son from school when I'm working days, so he doesn't have to sit in after-school care until 6 pm. My mom works from home so my son is with his grandmother when he comes home from school. It's a pretty sweet set-up. I don't know how I'd do it otherwise. Not in this area.


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Been married 10 years we have 3 kids (9-7-5) I went through LPN school 2013-2014. I work 40 hours a week along with coaching AYSO soccer and involved with my son's wrestling. I am also a certified labor doula and breastfeeding counselor. I plan on bridging to RN in the next two years. It isnt easy but it is possible to have a family and job.

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No offense meant, your personal, family "condition", has nothing to do with being a nurse and your job requirements,

that , maybe even tactless comment, today I have the luxury of only working in a job (physician office)....which provides a family symbiosis schedule....

in in all honestly that was not the case early as a new graduate...

but it it is only after 4+ decades, I could afford "such picked situation"

bwst wishes