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  1. LPN In Home Care

    I do private duty (hh) as an LPN and it is in our paperwork about doing housework if needed. I know the aide at my old case did household chores in the whole house and on her charting(it was like a check off sheet and note area) it had about vacuumin...
  2. COMPUTER SHUT OFF at 135q

    Have you checked online to see if your license posted? Mine posted in less than 24 hours. I am in PA. I knew from the state site long before I got the notification I passed.
  3. JOB OFFER...

    I know in PA(im there) our one background can take up to like 4 weeks. I run our local Youth Soccer league and have to run backgrounds on people and deal with some folks background not coming back until 2 weeks into my season. Ive always received min...
  4. Nclex pn

    Check your state site. My license was up the next day. Mine shut off 85 I took it at 1130a and it was up by 8a next day. (2014 in PA)
  5. Anyone do nursing school with a toddler?

    My kids were 2, 4 and 6 years old when I went through the LPN program. I had started RN pre-reqs the year before that. (never found a bridge program yet) It sucked but I did it. My husband worked mon-sat swing shifts so we had to use a family friend ...
  6. New LPN with ZERO work experience. Am I doomed?

    Have you ever volunteered anyway? I had a huge gap from 2006-2014 on my resume bc I was a stay at home mom. I added my volunteer positions on mine. I coached AYSO soccer and softball. I am in an area (PA) that is begging nurses to work. Are you open ...
  7. LV, NV (US) LPN student: How much do make monthly?

    I am in PA. Started in 2014 bringing home $450/wk night shift in LTC. I now am with an agency doing private duty since 2015 and I bring home $720/wk after taxes. HH/Private duty pays more for LPN in my area but LTC has raised rates over the last few ...
  8. LVN am i underpaid?

    I do home health but I am at a case 8 hours a day. (24 hour nursing clients) I was getting $17/hr and got a $1 raise after 2 years. Found out I was making MUCH less than my coworkers on same case, plus I was nights. I now get $24/hr after asking for ...
  9. Micro online?

    nursingabc is what a local hospital based RN program accepts. Ask your school if they accept it
  10. All experienced nurses need some advice.

    I would NOT be comfortable with that at all. Who is giving the meds on days you arent there? Are people getting them? Are you pulling narcotics? I pull the med, I give the med.
  11. If you are an LPN are you married or in a relationship?

    Been married 10 years we have 3 kids (9-7-5) I went through LPN school 2013-2014. I work 40 hours a week along with coaching AYSO soccer and involved with my son's wrestling. I am also a certified labor doula and breastfeeding counselor. I plan on b...
  12. excelsior near pittsburgh

    Im currently looking into the school. I have all my pre reqs already done for RN just need core courses (LPN for 2 years now) I am 80 miles east of Pittsburgh.
  13. How much do you make 2016

    I am in PA. My first LPN job in a nursing home was 14.80(included shift diff) most LTC units around here pay 12-17. I do home health now and make 18.
  14. CPM VS. BSN

    Follow your heart. I am an LPN and started my journey to become a CPM. I toyed with the idea of CNM but my heart lies in home birth and evidenced based births so hospital was out for me. Licensing for CPM varies from state to state but MD just became...
  15. Allegany College of Maryland LPN to RN Online

    I went there for 2 semesters. So, I do have direct experience with the Somerset campus. Most the people in my area go pre -req there and then RN though Conemaugh school of nursing. Somerset had been on probation a few times due to low NCLEX pass rate...