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Wife. Mother of four. Med Tele Registered Nurse

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  1. Kamilah Coney

    Where are the Excelsior Warriors?

    If you are on FB, look up the Facebook group "Study Group 101" or something similar to that I used SG101 for ALL the nursing exams including the FCCA. It does help to have a study partner.
  2. Kamilah Coney

    Some advice on "Orientation"

    No, I don't believe your current situation is "normal". But I am speaking from my own personal experience during the GN Residency program I completed at my current place of employment. Our simulation training and 7 weeks on the floor with our preceptor(s) well-prepared us for our transition from GN to RN. But similar to your situation, with the exception of the number of weeks, the GN Residency program expectation was to be able to handle a full patient load (5 - 6) by the end of week 7. We are encouraged to ask questions, even after finishing our residency. Our assistant nurse managers as well as the nurses we work alongside of on the floor are always available to answer questions. Also we get quarterly feedback on our peformance from our nurse manager and our assistant nurse manager.
  3. Kamilah Coney

    Med Tele RN considering returning back to PDN

    I know asked about a visiting nurse agency, but I really just want to become a sole proprietor visiting nurse. I said visiting nurse agency because that's the only type of application I see available for services I am hoping to provide.
  4. Kamilah Coney

    Med Tele RN considering returning back to PDN

    Thanks for the reply. I actually do not want to start a home health business. The process it takes to meet all the state regulations is not worth the headache. Prior to starting my position as a Med Tele RN, I worked as a home health LPN for 6 years so I know firsthand nurses come and go. Far too many home health business fails because of client loss. When there is no coverage for the cases, clients go to the agencies that can meet their needs. No, I know that's not the direction I want to go in. What I would like to do is to work as a visiting nurse with just a small handful of private paying clients. That way I won't have to fill out loads of paper work for insurance reimbursements. It would also cut out having to hire a DON, nurses for case coverage, employees that manage schedules, etc. The only additional "personnel" I would need is the physician for orders (because I can't provide medical care without an order). I have the contact information for AHCA department in Tallahassee, so I'll ask them directly if I were to submit an application for a Home Health agency (after obtaining 1 year RN experience) could I use it as a visiting nurse. Again, thanks for your response.
  5. I've been working as a Med Tele RN for about 4 months now. My previous 6 plus years experience was as a Private Duty LPN. The thing is that even though my new position comes with A LOT of "perks" (for one the night shift differential...$$$) I know that after a good 5 years I will probably be totally burnt out. So I've thought about where I want to go after I put in about 5 years on the unit. Why not go back to where I started? Private Duty Nursing. For all the Florida resident nurses here: Do you know if there is a different process to start a visiting nurse agency? Is there a difference between a home health agency and a visiting nurse agency??
  6. I'm in Florida and the only experience I had prior to my current job was 6 years as a Private Duty LPN. Fortunately enough during my interview last May at a GN hiring event I impressed the nurse manager. She offered me the position as a Med Tele RN before I even took the RN NCLEX exam. So, no it is not hard for a Private Duty Nurse to get back into facility nursing. Go for it!
  7. Kamilah Coney

    Considering Starting Small ALF

    Thank you Nurse Beth, MSN RN. Since I know its going to take $$$$ to start up this business, the plan is to work on the Med-Surg/Telemetry unit for the contracted 24 months. After that I should hopefully have the start up capital I need. I definitely will not throw away the job offer especially since it was offered before I even had a NCLEX Exam date. Also you make a great of pointing out the fact that it could be difficult to find a nursing position as a newly licensed RN (although not the case for the state I live in but still I have to take that into consideration) Again, thank you for replying. Kamilah Coney, RN
  8. Kamilah Coney

    Considering Starting Small ALF

    Thank you! Take a look at the post called "Opening a Residential Assisted Living". After I read that post, and realized I have had a couple of PDN cases in a few Residential Assisted living facilities, it was a no brainer for me. I say go for it! The process to start one appears straight foward.
  9. Kamilah Coney

    Opening a Residential Assisted Living

    Wow! I JUST made a post asking for advice about doing this very thing. Did you and your mother decide to go ahead with this business venture? If so, how is it going so far?
  10. Kamilah Coney

    Considering Starting Small ALF

    I think I just answered my own question. I'm a RN with a background of 6+ years LPN experience taking care of people with a need for medical care 24-hours a day. It's a no brainer!
  11. Kamilah Coney

    Considering Starting Small ALF

    Hello to all you nurse entrepreneurs! A little background about me, I have 6+ years experience as a Private Duty LPN. My work experience is 2 years as a hospice PDN, 2 years as an adult home health PDN. The last 2+ years I have been a PDN taking care of homebound pediatric clients. I just passed the RN NCLEX on July 17th!!!! I still work as a PDN with pediatric clients and I have an offer on the table for a GN Residency position in Medical-Surgical/Telemetry pending I pass the ECG exam in September. My dilemma is that even though I couldn't wait until the day I could hold RN creditials on a Med-Surg unit, I don't know if I want the headache of working 12-hour shifts for another healthcare business. I want to enjoy my next 20+ years as a Registered Nurse. So I figured why not have the best of both world's by starting my own small (less than 16 clients) ALF. I know there is a LOT of logistics that comes with owning an ALF, but the payoff will be so worth the trouble. I could still do what I love, which is caring for other's in their time of need, and still have the quality time I want with my husband and growing children. I've already started researching some of the "logistics" and I've purchased Grant Writing books as well (just in case I don't qualify for a business loan). Any advice? Thanks in Advance! Kamilah Coney, RN
  12. Kamilah Coney

    NCLEX exam 8/14/18

    I took the NCLEX July 16th had all 275 questions!!! Probably half were SATA. Got the good pop up and passed! Congratulations! I'm positive you both passed!
  13. I passed the CPNE March 18th 2018!!! While the nursing simulation labs have changed one thing has remained the same, those Patient Care Scenarios. Whew! I was so glad that I only had to attempt this beast once. I am also thankful that I came across this post WAY BACK in 2013 when I first started Excelsior's ADN program. Since passing the CPNE, I have graduated Excelsior's ADN and passed the RN-NCLEX exam! Excelsior added so many numerous study materials to help the students prepare for this exam that when I tested in March it didn't seem too much like a beast. For those of you who have passed the CPNE Beast, congratulations! For those of you preparing, you got this!
  14. Kamilah Coney

    Excelsior College transfer before finish CPNE

  15. Kamilah Coney

    Excelsior College transfer before finish CPNE

    Hi FloridaNurse87, Due to the setting in which the FCCA takes place (computer-based in a setting most comfortable for you) Excelsior College students aren't allowed to collaborate while taking the FCCAs. I would, however, highly recommend using Study Group 101 to study for the FCCAs if you're looking to save $$$.