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If you were granted just one wish what would it be?


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eatmysoxRN, ASN, RN

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To be able to eat as much chocolate as I want without gaining weight. I would probably go as far as to wish for chocolate to promote weight loss. Yes.

To entering a nursing program and meet a mentor for life who loves nursing and teaching.

theres this one girl in my nursing program :) I really wish ... I really hope ... but :( alas theres so little room for love in Nursing School. besides dont think the feeling is mutual. But if it was! and us graduating together! Best Christmas present ever! One can always dream

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rubato, ASN, RN

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My one Christmas wish would be to make it through nursing school with my marriage intact. I have never had so many fights with my hubby. If only he's understand that he is doing everything wrong!!!!! ;)

I know I should wish for an end to malaria or HIV or something of that nature, but I really wish my student loans would disappear.


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Easy! No more cancer.

To work as an RN in a right facility/hospital with right people/coworkers and right policies.

#1 - To live life to the fullest every day and have no regrets when I die.

In the meanwhile, I would like to agree with the cartoon and get into nursing school for fall 2013, specifically a CSU program. hoho


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To wish for the ability to wish whenever I feel like it :)

if I'm not allowed to do that, then, I wish for my family to stay happy, safe, and together for a LOOOOONG time :D

or a puppy :3

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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I wish my 27-year-old daughter, the air-traffic controller, wasn't going to Afghanistan as a civilian contractor. :no:

To get into nursing school, earn my degree, and be the best nurse I can possibly be:)


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To move into new home (currently in contract) and of course land a nursing job! =)

That my DSS and his gf continue in the rooms and succeed in their goals. I will make my life enormously easier and more fun.

I wish I can win the lottery (that I never play lol) :uhoh3:so I can:

Bring my 2 girls to Disneyland and enroll them to great school and dancing class and secure their future.

Have a breast reduction

Donate money to Cancer and Psoriasis foundation

Go for my bachelor degree

Maybe buy my bf of 6 yrs and father of my kids a brand new jeep, a second hand if he still doesn't propose to me. :devil:


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peace on earth

no more domestic violence

end hunger here and abroad

no more animal abuse

all animals would have loving homes

a self-cleaning house

Pass my NCLEX come january. :up:

To get accepted into a nursing program:)