If you could get your Master's Degree...What would you get it in?

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I'd like to know what "Nurses" (any and all!) would get their master's degree in and why? There are SO many choices out there, so many routes to go, it is mind boggling. This group of nurses (you) have so much experience and expertise...fill me in on what route you would take if you could...and why. How would it advance your career or your personal aspirations? What's your dream degree? Thanks!

I'll start first:

I'm (as my name might suggest) a BSN student right now. I am a LPN with experience in long term care, hospice and home health. I love geriatrics but don't think I want to work in LTC anymore, unless it is at the corporate level, maybe. I've done most of what I am interested in LTC (not that I'm not interested in it rather it doesn't challenge me as much anymore). If I got a Master's degree I would want a MSN NP in Gerontology or a MSN in Nursing Administration I think. I know that in my future I would really like to teach nursing, but not for a long time yet. But for some reason I am not interested in a MSN in nursing education. I'm not sure what I would do with either of these degrees if I did get it but those are my dream degrees.



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Probably buisness/finance.

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Nursing :rolleyes:


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I am getting a combined masters degree in health care management (MSN) and business administration (MBA). I might also go for my masters of public policy with an emphasis on health policy. The hospital I work for pays for us to go to school, so what the heck. I want to get involved in health care policy on the national level.

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MBA, you can use it to do about anything.

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I'm doing an MSN in leadership and management.


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I'm getting my MSN in nursing education (patient focus) but in my next life I'd like an MLIS degree.

(Masters of Library and Information Science). :)


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I would eventually like to get my MSN and become a nursing school instructor.


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caring for children either teaching or some sort of nursing not sure which one tho as i like both

but in my next life I'd like an MLIS degree.

(Masters of Library and Information Science). :)

Oh yeah, count me in on that one too! :wink2:


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I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. :chuckle

Something in nursing (haven't decided yet)...or maybe Microbiology. I would love to work at the CDC. :coollook:

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