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If you failed the CPNE, how long did you wait to retake it?


Obviously.. I failed.. It really stinks.. I failed for 3 ridiculous things. For those of you who failed, how long did you wait to redo and how was your outcome? I failed because I didn't ID a pt right away.. that was clearly my fault, my nerves got the best of me. Secondly 4 comfort measures were performed and I did not document how the pt liked his mouthwash.. (we only need 3.. but I did the 4th and screwed myself for not documenting).. Lastly, I did not specify the name of the sterile dressing that I used when documenting. It really is terrible to fail for such foolish mistakes..

Watch you time people and DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!!

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I'm really sorry you did not pass! That is the one thing that makes me the most nervous!!! I do not have an answer to your question but wanted to wish you the best on you next attempt! I have a question for you , did you take any of the workshops?


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I believe you can retake the exam as soon as you pay the $1900 and can get another available date. I've read that a student was able to retake it 2 weeks after the 1st unsuccessful attempt.

Good luck!

You can retake as soon as you pay the new fee and are rescheduled. It will take about one week for you to be able to access the process on the website and pay the fee. If you have the money, try every day until you can get through. You can get a date as early as the following day. I remember reading where one person failed, and immediately got a cancellation date at the end of that particular month; it wasn't even one more month before they retested (and passed). Good luck.

So sorry to hear you didn't pass. I hope you'll able to retake it soon and pass. Best of luck.:) Did you attend any of the CPNE workshops?

I did take Lynn's workshop and that it was extremely helpful.

I failed the 1st PCS, because I was nervous and didn't id the patient in a timely manner.

The 2nd. I did 4 comfort measures and the listed them all, but did not state the patient's response to the last measure.. so I failed.

The 3rd. I did not know that you need to specify the names of the supplies you use when doing a dressing change. I listed all my procedures and stated that it applied a "new sterile dressing". Thats what the study guide says to do for notes.

Write everything down people.. EVERYTHING!!!


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sorry for the fail. i hope the next one is the charm. you'll know exactly what you need to do next time so good luck!


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I failed my second-to-last (what should have been my last!) PCS for not IDing the patient properly in the first few minutes. D'oh! I know how frustrating that is -- I mean, I knew what I needed to do, but was so in the mindset of "OMG I AM ALMOST DONE!" that I lost my focus. Ugh.

There are a lot of excellent nurses that require two CPNEs; one of my coworkers took it three times, and she is a rockin' RN. You'll get it next time! *hugs*

Edited to add: BTW, I've seen people on the EPN who failed and went back just a few weeks later. If you call the RPAC where you tested, they seem to be able to find cancellation dates or faster dates for those who are repeating the CPNE.

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I don't think you should wait too long. If you failed for lack of skill or not knowing your critical elements I would say wait and study up. If it was for simple things that can be immediately corrected get right back in there and PASS. I wrote everything down as check off lists, laid it on the designated spot, and checked it off as I went. That included my 20 minute check. I explained to the pt that I would be taking notes and looking at my papers a lot. I said "nothing is wrong, I'm just keeping my thoughts organized". You can do this.

Thank you for all the support. I would like this over with, but now I need to wait a while until I can get the money. I will keep you posted. Thank you again.

hahah What a nice school. Comfort measures. How silly.