If you could have a different profession...


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It's a toss-up between consciousness studies and studying termite mounds in Africa.

The fact of the matter is, God has chosen me to do what I'm doing, and I've learned (the hard way) not to challenge His authority over me.


I would have been an ER MD. Now I'm in school to be an ER NP.

Also I want to build an entirely off-the-grid-self-sufficient commune to ride out the coming apocalypse. I'd be chief medical officer of course. I'm looking for the ideal location to purchase the land now.

I want to be a pilot-helicopter, but I'm working on that as well.

I also want to use my nursing skills in other countries...but that's going to happen too. I'm dreaming big.


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I want to be an FBI agent.

I also want to work full time for PETA. That's my real dream job.

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I am vaguely interested in court reporting myself. I always wanted to be a nurse, always worked in nursing, so, here I am. Now, sometimes, I wish I had varied experiences to choose from when I have bad days, though.

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*Historian/History professor

I also liked the poster that said fostor mom.


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Since people are posting lists:

1) veterinarian- less germs and friendlier patients.

2) Bio-medical engineer- just think of the fortune I could make with all the nurse fixes we have developed over the years.

3) millionare philanthropist "will train"- Ive been watching the paper for this job but most of the positions don't provide training.

4) CEO of the hospital -just for just one mos. I just want to fix everything and go back to a job I enjoy- bedside nursing.


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My first BS is in management information systems, and I used to want to design databases and/or websites sooo bad. After the dot.com boom, though, it was harder to get a job with ONLY a college degree. They wanted work experience more, so I didn't do much with it.

After I worked for a while, I went back to school for pre-med (biology). I've wanted to be a MD since I was 16 and took A&P in high school. I volunteered a bunch while in school, and - in the process - realized I preferred the nursing side of healthcare better than the medical. I was going to give it a try by doing the 1 semester CNA program at our community college. While talking to my dad about this though (who ALWAYS wanted me to be a doctor, by the way!), he asked why I just didn't get another BS, but in nursing this time. That was like permission for me from my dad - that it was ok to do something other than nursing!

My background aside...

I've wanted to be a vet - but I have BAD allergies (well-controlled now w/ allergy shots), and it bothers me to see animals suffer (even more than people), so that was out.

I've wanted to be a quiet, nerdy scientist (microbiologist) for the CDC. (This is the introvert in me.) While the CDC is probably out, I'd still love to get a degree in microbiology one day!

After CSI, I totally wanted to become a CSI, and work in a crime lab, solving puzzles all day long!

I've wanted to be an FBI agent. I only considered it seriously for a short period while completing my business degree.

I've wanted to open a sea-side cafe (coffee, ice cream, whatever!) in Hawaii, France, or Italy, so I can just relax and enjoy the smell of the ocean.

I've wanted to leave my city life and move to a small town and do some random small town stuff. That's more of a lifestyle change than career, though, because I could still be a nurse in a small town.

I've wanted to do ANYTHING at Disneyland, so I could enjoy it as a visitor AND an employee! (I knew a girl who groomed the horses there. She told me how well taken care of they were, and that made me think even more highly of Disneyland than I ever had before. Now that I'm an RN, my husband (who's going to start nursing school soon) and I have thought about "retiring" and working as nurses there - or on a cruise ship - or on a DISNEY CRUISE SHIP!


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food critic

travel writer

art restorer/conservationist


tv host


back-up singer


fashion designer

don't you wish life had a rewind button? then we could go back and try some of these things out. if we didn't like it, we could go back again. of course I would also like a pause and fast-forward button too


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omg...an NBA wife(and i dont care how ugly he is)The uglier the bigger the contract.

Homicide detective-(DREAM JOB)...Im just scarred of getting shot!

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Last summer I was sea kayaking about 1/2 mile off shore and got completely surrounded by a pod of dolphins! They were squeaking and spraying me with water, it must have lasted 4-5 minutes.

I would have been in the water in a flash!! Did you swim with them?

I know it could be dangerous, but that's the kind of experience I would love to have, and worth the risk. If I could hitch a ride with the pod, even better.

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If I had to do something that resembled work....

best-selling author.

hospital management consultant. Pay me the big $$$ to tell you what your staff would really like to.

criminal profiler.

bookstore/antique shop/coffee shop owner.


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*ED doc (actually plan on pursuing this one after RN)

and if it had to be outside of medicine...


do auto body work

automotive painting

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