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My school doesn't, as far as I know. I'd love the opportunity to see and meet my fellow nursing students ahead of time. I'd love even more to have the chance to have all my questions answered and feel prepared to start classes and clinicals. We received a letter in the mail a few weeks ago which was supposed to list everything we need for clinicals, but a lot of information was left off. Like that we need a stethoscope and white pants without cuffs and white shoes...I did call the instructor and she thought all this stuff was in the letter; it wasn't, so she filled me in...but still...I wouldn't have known what to ask about if my advisor hadn't mentioned some of these things in passing a few months ago. I guess we'll all get up to speed the first day of class, then spend the next couple of days scrambling to get all of our stuff for clinicals. Perhaps this is just an example of one of the many hoops we'll have to jump through. Bring it on, I can take it. :)


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Hmmm, well I do have an orientation but only 3 weeks before class starts. And my school too is with-holding information like they are the stinking CIA. Must be a nursing school thing! Good luck, it's only stress:)


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Oh heck....you'll be ok. I think nursing school is just like that. No one ever seems to know anything! :)

You will get "up to speed" in your first week or so.....

Good Luck!



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lol :D

Seems that all over north american students are jumping through hoops to become nurses. My school didnt even send me my infromation on my clases, like my schedule among other things. I had to drive to the school to get it. It hasnt gotten any better yet, I had to basicall stalk admissions to get my invoice to pay for this year before they "gave up" my seat in 2nd year. But I still love nursing. Hurray for placement...Maternal Child and Psych this year!!

Good luck to you, everything will work out.


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No info about an orientation here either. We were sent a letter a month and a half ago telling us what to register for and that we would be getting another letter by the beginning of July. nope.

Kimtab- what school do you go to?

I really want an orientation too. Funny, it seems to be that the friends I have made in school even those I rarely bump into, and click with really well have been those that are going to be in my graduating nursing class....even before we all knew what our majors were. I think we're a certain kind of people and I would like to meet my class before school starts in the fall.


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My school offers orientation but for fall classes the orientation is in the spring. In my case, I missed it becuase I was still taking to classes. I registered late and missed out.


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My orientation last year was really stupid and long. Sorry, but it was. It was 2 days long (8 hours each day) and was filled with a whole bunch of windbag speakers about how difficult the program will be for those of us with lives, a tour of the campus none of us were attending (go figure), and testtaking skills... surveys to tell what kind of learner you are....

I guess if you're really into that, it's alright. They could have covered all that info in about 2 hours and I would have had a much more positive feeling about it.

After the fact, they told us that the reason the orientation was so long (and that was the first year for that) was because their drop out/fail out rate had become so high they were trying to combat that.


You'll find out whatever you need to know. Don't stress over it, you'll have plenty of opportunities to overreact and overstress in the near future.


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our orientation will be one day.

Well, don't give up total hopes of having one yet. A friend of mine thought she was not having an orientation either when she started last year but they announced it at the last minute. Also some schools do orientation on the first few days of classes something to keep in mind. At my school we are not told anything about clinicals or anything until the first day. The first day or two of each semester usually consist of orientation. I know though, it would be nice to know before hand. If you have children and they have not told you anything then call the school and let them know that you have children and you have to make daycare arrangements.

I always demand to know something from my school a few weeks in advance. I told them I MUST know for child care purposes and they totally respect that and tell me something. They may say that it is not totally set in stone but at LEAST it gives you an idea.

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