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I don't want to be an RN


For some odd reason, I have a strong desire tobe an LPN over being an RN. However everyone tells me " just go for your RN" or "LPN is a waste of time". They say that I'm 'smart' and should try for the RN, but in all honesty, I feel that I would br completely happy working in nursing homes or psychiatric units over med/surg or the ER, and I'm fine with having a lower salary. I just want to love my job and get hands on care with people. Of course, I probably just think this way now because I'm 23 with no children or husband or bills, but that's honestly how I feel now. Also I believe it will give me a feel for the nursing field before I waste money on furthering my education.So I guess why I'm really writing this is to ask: is what they're saying is true? Would I be able to support myself and live comfortably as an LPN? Do you enjoy being an LPN? Is it fine to just want to settle for LPN? was thinking about obtaining my BS or BA in another field after obtaining my LPN.

Also, I want to apologize ahead of time if I have any spelling errors. I'm typing this all out on my phone. And, no, this isn't meant to be an LPN vs RN thread. I just wonder if there are other people here who aspire to be LPNs over RNs and whether or not they live comfortably and love tgeir jobs. I simply aspire to be a psychiatric nurse- I don't mind if it's RN or LPN.

Today was my last day of LPN school and I have had the same feelings. I have done clinical in LTC and Hospital. Although LTC seems like a more difficult job than hospital, I see myself in that setting over hospital. There is nothing glamorous about being a hospital nurse. They have to deal with the same crap so to speak as anyone in LTC. I try not to get into conversations about "finishing" my education because of the lectures I get when I say that I am not going back. I can change my mind anytime I want to , but at this point I am planning on being a LTC nurse. Also, there is big trend toward gaining magnet status and the local hospitals are really stressing the BSN nurse over the RN now, so that further discourages me. Im 40 now and I cant afford the time or money to attain that kind of degree.

I'm in school now to be an LPN and I have no need or desire to return to school to be an RN. I like working in LTC and, I don't want to work in a hospital. I have a friend who has been a LPN in the Philadelphia area for over 12 years now and she makes a a very good living. I think you should do what you love in a way that is most comfortable for you. Good Luck


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As a LPN with a great full-time job in home health (intermittent visits not shift work), I have maintained since I left nursing school over 2 1/2 years ago that this level of nursing care is truly where I'm most comfortable. I'm single with no kids so I can live very comfortably off my LPN wages. Everyone in my class has talked about going on for their RN (I know 3 of them are almost finished with their programs right now). I pray for their sake that they are able to find jobs since they all quit their LPN jobs to go back to school and we all now how hard it is to find employment right now, RN's included. Many employers don't count being an LPN as experience when hiring a new grad RN (sad, but true). Just do what's right for you and don't think you have to return to school because everyone else is doing it. LPN's are an invaluable member of the healthcare team!

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Also, I want to apologize ahead of time if I have any spelling errors. I'm typing this all out on my phone. And, no, this isn't meant to be an LPN vs RN thread. I just wonder if there are other people here who aspire to be LPNs over RNs and whether or not they live comfortably and love their jobs. I simply aspire to be a psychiatric nurse- I don't mind if it's RN or LPN.

Honey.....:hug:. You be the nurse you want to be and be the best nurse you can be. Don't close the door on further education because you never know what passion you will find and want to further your education. It was because of the generosity and knowledge of a LPN when I was a new grad.....who made me the nurse I am today.

Thank you Louise G.


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I think like that ALLLLLL the time lol. But I have a desire to work in the ER that's the ONLY reason I'm going for the RN. And when I look up jobs in nursing homes or hospitals etc., all I see is RN RN RN RN RN RN down the page. I went to a job fair at UIC hospital and the tour guy was telling us that in the future the healthcare employers are going to be looking for Advance Nurse Practioner or something like that lol. I'm in my last year of my LPN program and I learned to love it. My mom really got me into it but once I started doing clinicals that's when I said to myself that this is what I wanted to do. When my mom, little brother and I were in a car accident and went to the ER that's when I decided I wanted to work in the ER and from watching Nurse Jackie lol. But do what YOU LOVE.

God Bless:)

You are definitely not the only one! I am about to graduate in a week from college with a human services degree and then I am going to go back and become an LPN. Like you, I have no desire to be an RN. Maybe because of the added stress and the added schooling I would have to do? I am not totally sure, but I know the path I am on to be an LPN is the one I plan to stick with for a while. I can always go back and become an RN and get advanced placement with a current LPN license, or challenge the classes and get credit since I will have already taken some of them. All I know is everyone keeps telling me the same thing "LPN is a waste", "just go for RN it's better", "LPNs have no jobs, they're cutting them ALL". But it really is up to you. In my area, I search LPN jobs on monster and look at the LTC/Hospital sites and there are plenty of jobs! Do what you want to do, after all you are living for you and not someone else, so you need to be happy at what you do!

What is right for you now, is right for you now. In the future you may change your viewpoint and your goals and that will be ok too. You have to live with, and be content with, your choices. Do not let other people dictate your feelings about yourself.

I'm glad that you posted this. I'm hoping to start LPN school in September here in PA. I have been told so often to go to an RN program. I'm choosing this route for a reson, and like you, I'd rather work in a non-hospital setting. That may change in time. If I choose to go from LPN to RN, it is much easier to get into RN programs around here after being an LPN, then starting from scratch.


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Do whats best for you. There is nothing with wrong with being an LPN, MA, Med tech, CNA, or PCT. If it makes you happy, who cares what anyone else thinks. I am now in RN bridge program and its hard I can now see the difference between the 2. I can live off my LPN salary but I want to do more than get by as an LPN I have always worked 2.5 jobs so I can afford whatever I want whenever I want(so you can say I make RN salary). I also have a desired to become a travel nurse, there are opportunites with LPN but where I live and where I want to travel its 99% RN jobs. Also I want to become an NP so I have to continue. I have thought about staying and LPN and working in a clinic or at a doctor's office, I just have a desire to go on. Good Luck with whatever you choose to do, remember its about you not everyone else :)

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It is your future and your career, not to mention you can always go back whenever you feel the time is right if you ever wanted to further your education. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay an LPN. Many do it. I am also just like you. I am more than sure I want to work in LTC more than I do the hospital. I may change my mind, but for now, I am happy with hopefully being employed as a LTC LPN by the middle of next year. I adored and learned so much during my clinical rotation at a local facility. I am still coping with the fact that it is over for now. At this moment, I do plan on applying for a job at that particular facility. I cannot say I will not change my mind by the time the clinical rotations are all said and done. I still have quite a few more to go, hospital, psychiatric, peds, so I will see where my passion takes me! Follow your passion, that will make you the best nurse you can be! :)


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Thank you for this post. It really helped to reaffirm my thoughts about nursing. I've been a CNA for 5 years and I'm starting an LVN program next month. I currently work in a hospital and all the RN's I talk to are miserable, yet they encourage me to go for my RN because of the pay. I'm the type of person who would much rather be poor and happy, than rich and miserable.

I think home health would be great because it's so hands on which I love. However, my ideal place to work would be in corrections. I always see openings for both of those areas, so I'm not worried about finding work.

At this point I have no desire of becoming an RN, yet, that may change in the future. The great thing about education is that, it's never too late to go back to school.

Good luck to you with pursuing your LPN. I hope it brings you great happiness!

I do not see the problem with being an LPN your whole career. I think its really sad that a lot of employers are more interested in RN's then LPN's. LPN's have a place, same with CNA, CMA's, PCT's etc. Every one has a place and every one should be able to find work. LTC's are great places to work. Home Care is another. Maybe a group of LPN's can get together with RN's who they know respect LPN's and start more travel nursing that does dual teams, of LPN's and RN's.

Me, I don't know. LPN vs. ABSN...LPN vs. ABSN...that is my debate right now. Or LPN then ADN, then RN TO MSN. (I already have a Bachelors in Political Science, so...) Either way its a tough job market, but with enough planning I'm sure you can find a job. It will be difficult, but nothing is impossible. Though it may feel that way at times.

I am still deciding, and to help myself in the process I am going to be applying to a care giver position. Hopefully something works to tell me whether or not this is for me.

Good luck to all!

Also somehow I believe that I am being pulled either toward dentistry as a career, or to Nursing as a career. I am interested in both, just what do I want to be doing most is my question too.

So I have to add I am thinking about becoming a Dental Assistant too. I though hear all the opportunities for Nurses and think "Wow, so varied, I could do anything".

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To the original OP. you can work in long term care as an RN also, you dont have to be in a hospital! Do whatevers best for you. Doing an LPn To RN bridge wouldnt hurt but if its not something you want; dont do it. They will never phase ALL LPNs out. Its impossible! :)

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I am a PN and I am perfectly happy doing what I am doing. Where I am PNs work in all areas of the hospital except ICU and I have no desire to be anything else than what I am.

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If you are happy with your decision it does not matter what others think. I am glad you found your niche!